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The game of chess is played between two people, with one person using the light pieces and the other using the dark pieces. The object of the game is to capture the opponent’s king, a condition called “Checkmate”. Checkmate occurs when the king is attacked and cannot escape being captured.

The person playing with the light chess pieces gets the first turn, and then each player takes a turn moving his/her pieces, moving only one piece each turn (except when “Castling”, a technique which will later be further explained.) A player may move his/her pieces onto unoccupied squares only, except in the case of capture of an enemy’s piece that is on the square where the piece is to be moved.

In the setup of the chess board, the light queen goes on a light square, as the dark queen goes on a dark square, with the king occupying the very next spot. The opposing king and queen of each player are placed directly opposite each other on the last row of either end of the board. On either side of the king and queen are the bishop, the knight and the rook, respectively. A total of eight bishops make up the row right in front of the aforementioned pieces.

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Of all the chess pieces, the queen is thought to be the strongest. The queen can move an unlimited number of squares in any one direction (vertical, diagonal, horizontal), as long as it is not blocked by any other piece. The next most powerful piece is the rook, which is also able to move unlimited squares but only in the vertical and horizontal directions, provided its path is clear of other pieces. The bishop may only move in the diagonal direction, and must also have a clear path. The knight can jump over other pieces between its old position and its new position, always forming an L shape, moving a total of three spaces. A good tip to remember is that the square the knight lands on is always the opposite color of its original square. The king moves one square in any direction but may never move onto a square on which the opponent can capture it. One must protect the king, as if it is lost, then the game is over. The last of the chess pieces is the pawn, which only moves forward, but can capture diagonally. The pawn moves one square at a time, but on its first move it can move forward one or two squares. If a pawn advances to the opposite end of the board, it is immediately promoted to another piece, usually a queen (never a king or pawn); this makes it possible for each player to have more than one queen or other pieces on the board at the same time.

The best first move to make is to move either one of the two central pawns, those in front of the king and queen. This move allows the player to gain some control over the center of the board, which would present some potential threat to the opponent. In the earlier stages of the game, it is best not to move a piece more than once. It is important to not attack the opponent too early in the game. It is very critical that the queen not be brought out too early in the game. If a player does so, he/she risks losing it or at best losing time moving it around while the opponent is attacking it. Most important, players must not forget about safeguarding their king. That is why the technique of castling is so essential early on in the game.

The technique of castling may only be used once by each player during the game. In castling, the king moves two squares to its left or right toward one of his rooks. At the same time, the rook involved goes to the square beside the king and toward the center of the board. Neither the king, nor the rook involved may have moved before.

Castling allows the king to be placed in a safe location, and also allows the rook to become more active. No pieces of either color can be between the king and the rook. Each player may castle either on the kingside or queenside. Since castling queenside leaves the king a bit more exposed, most players prefer to castle kingside because its easier to defend. Most importantly, a player must not sacrifice material unless it is being given up for another valuable piece in return.

The game of chess is great in that it requires tactics, logic and smarts. Once mastered, chess becomes a delightful pass time and has certainly proven to be one of the most popular and entertaining board games present.

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