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Throughout my entire life, every mention I’ve heard of Julius Caesar has been accompanied by a remark about Brutus, his best friend and murderer. This whole time, I have been thinking that Brutus, in cold blood, murdered Caesar for purely selfish reasons. I was never given any viewpoint opposite of that, and I think that this general bias is what mainly makes Brutus out to be a tragic hero.

Shakespeare’s work, Julius Caesar, has been entertaining, teaching, and inspiring people for centuries. It is one of his most famous works, and definitely one of his most respected. In it he gives a narrative account of the days leading up to the death of Julius Caesar, and a few days afterward. These days were very important in history, because they marked the downfall of one of the most powerful rulers of all time. Because of this, people have been blaming the murder of Julius Caesar on Brutus, Julius Caesar’s best friend. Until now, I know I have not sought to question this bias, but I feel, after reading this play, that I have been presented with an appropriate means to assess the murder.

Throughout the first and second acts of the play, we are practically beaten over the head with the idea that Brutus is one of the most honorable Romans in the great city, and that he is a very trusted individual. Brutus appears to be a very dignified person, carrying himself with grace, not making any waves, being strictly non-judgmental, and standing up for the people of Rome at all times. He plays a witness to the rise of Caesar while still managing to hold his place in society as a patriarch. He is truly a man of good standing and a worthy role model.

At the beginning of the play, we are also introduced to Caius Cassius, a bitter, vengeful man who believes that Julius Caesar is “too ambitious” and “too powerful,” that he may become a dictator and a threat to Rome. Cassius is a very spiteful man, but he is also a coward. He knows that the people of Rome will not be swayed by what he has to say. He therefore decides to form a conspiracy of honorable men, men who will be trusted by Rome, in order to keep Caesar in check. He goes to Brutus, flattering him and telling him that he is just as powerful and dignified as Julius Caesar, and that Caesar is unworthy of the power he has received. He slowly manages to work away at Brutus’ values, making it seem like Brutus has come up with the idea of Caesar’s downfall on his own. He manipulates Brutus’ own house in order to achieve his goals, and manages when Brutus decides to join the conspiracy.

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From the moment Brutus decides to join the conspiracy, the audience is already moved to feel sympathy for him. He is being manipulated by the rest of the conspirators, and he doesn’t know it. This dignified man, in good standing with the entirety of Rome, is manipulated into overthrowing one of the most powerful men of all time. In this way, Brutus is dragged down to the level of common criminals, destroying his reputation and ruining him for the rest of his life, however short it may be.

The reasons why Brutus is the tragic hero of Julius Caesar are abound, but a few stick out in particular. First of all, Brutus suffered from a terribly character flaw he was a very weak-willed man. Cassius is able to manipulate him using flattery in many parts of the story, chiefly in Act I, Scene II, Lines -184, and Act I, Scene II, Lines 00-5. Brutus is unable to maintain his dignity when Cassius is praising him with the sweet words he used. This flaw, this incapability, makes him a tragic hero as much as anything else.

The second chief point that makes Brutus the tragic hero of the story is that was not ever in control of the situation. He was manipulated from the very start by Cassius into going against his friend Caesar (Act I, Scene II, Lines -184), and Caesar was not there to support himself. If Caesar were there to defend himself, Cassius would never have had the chance to stick his barbs of poison into Brutus. Brutus’ weakness to flattery was not his fault, either; he was born with it. It is an inherent trait, and because of it Brutus was manipulated by Cassius and is not at fault for what he did. For this reason also, he should be considered the tragic hero of this play.

These points are the main ideas of the debate behind the reasons of Brutus’ betrayal. He was not able to make his own decisions, because he was born with an inability to withstand flattery. This makes him irresponsible for his crime. In addition, Brutus was a dignified political figure, and through the manipulation that occurred by the conspirators against Caesar, he was pulled down through the ranks of Roman Society until he was at the level of common criminal. The hardship that affected Brutus was just as much or more than the downfall that Caesar experienced, and because of this, Brutus is the tragic hero of William Shakespeare’s masterful work, Julius Caesar.

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