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I just need an essay

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Poetry is an effective medium for the expression of issues, ideas, and the messages. This is to be demonstrated by a comparison of the poem Dulce Et Decorum Est and the song One by Metallica both being about war and its long-term effects both physical and mental. The various techniques used in these song and poems are to be discussed and analysed. Some techniques used were similes, metaphors, symbolism, onomatopea and personification.

Personification is a huge contributinfg factor to both the poem and song respectively. Personification is the basis, basically, of the song One. The song describes the feeling, the inner personal feeling of a soldier at war. The song describes the pains of being at war by stating that the landmine had taken my soul, basically his reason for life. This portrays the landmine, an inanimate, man-made object, was able to through its detonation, to remove this soldiers figurative soul. A landmine is incapable of physically reaching deep inside, in a figurative sence, a literal person and take thier actual soul away from them, but instead in its own way it destroyed the soldiers willingness to live, therefore his soul. As a consequence he felt he was reborn into a life of misery, hurt, dependance on authority, and sadness, this is shown by the symobls where it talkes about the womb, tubes and dependance on different figures of authority. The poem also makes reference to inanimate objects gaining animate features. In essence, the poem states that the war situation that the soldiers find themselves in is depressing, and downright hell. The soldiers are watching a man drown in his own organs and the weight of the situation is almost pressing on them pushing themdown. The issue in both of the poem and song is that it is not honourable, or pleasent to pay the ultimate sacrifice for your country and as the poems theme clearly indicates it is the age old loe told to the younger generation Dulce Et Decorum Est. This is presented by various techniques such as symbolism, and personification and other techniques. The reality of war is presented in this poem and is showing the younger generation exactly what is not involved in war as presented by media they may observe.

The second technique is metaphors. The poem especially was packed full of metaphors, but all clear and carefullypicked. A metaphor that stood out was the sentance where the poet is described as watching his fellow drowning in the green sea. This green sea that his mate is drowning in is describing the hydrogen gas being excreted. The gas has a green tinge to it, therefore the green sea. The drowning effect is there because the gas destroys and liquifies the internal organs and so they drown in their own organs. Metaphors are a complex medium to get a descrete message, view or idea across to an audience and it is used efficently in the poem. The poem states only the truth, and reality about war how it is really a horrible experience not one to be viewed as a holiday as many media influences describe it as rather than the lie about the honourableness to die for your country.

Also there is onomatopia in this poem and song. In the poem when the hydrogen gas is dropped the Gas! Gas! An ecstacy of... is the repetion of the S sound. This is also the sound of the gas being released therefore providing an aspect of imagery too. The song has a more subtle form of onomatopia going that it displays an almost Rat-a-tat-tat machine gun sound through the verse. The more the onomatopea is obvious the more meaning it has in it. This is demonstrated also by sound imagery and realism of war that again confronts the audience with the realism of war as opposed to the lie that was told Dulce Et Decorum Est.

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Symbolism also is a strong technique used in the poem and song lyrics. The symbolism in the poem is all about showing the after effects of was and flashbakcs. The more symbolism the more realism created. Symbolism is almost a backdrop and creates a three dimensional field of view introducing the audience into the war time situation showing how real and horrible it really is and also the horrific circumstabces by which some of the soldiers have to di. In the poem it gives the symbolism of the green sea scene, explaining the effects of the terrifiying hydrogen gas. The symbolism created by the other techniques is a clear indication of what the author is trying to portray, the realness of the wartime situation.

In conclusion all of the devices used were an improvement on the effectiveness for the expression of issues, ideas and messages.

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