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1. What benefits can you see from networking your branch offices and headquarters together?

One of the main benefit of networking the businesses computers and information is that business processes are speeded up and inefficiencies are squeezed out. This is because information flows more freely. Everything happens much faster. All kinds of documents - from emails to spreadsheets and product specs - can be exchanged rapidly between networked users. In the Special Salmon case, the headquarters can update the different varieties of fish, prices for each type of fish, quantity demanded and quantity supplied for each type of fish on its internal network daily. As such, all these information will be made available to all branch offices at different times of the day. Employees at the branch offices will be able to check the Web pages to track the fishs progress - in real-time. In addition, the communication between employees, customers and suppliers can be improved. This is because clients could communicate via email and receive accounting updates electronically. Networking can also have a tremendous flattening effect on an organisation as in the salmon case, too. For example, the traditional hierarchy is sidestepped at every turn by the seekers and providers of information. Anyone who drew their power from their ability to supply or withhold information will find the networked world immensely threatening to their personal authority. Therefore, it is beneficial to network the branch offices and headquarters together.

. What benefits can you see from data communications linkages between headquarters and Special Salmon fishing boats?

One of the benefits of data communication linkages headquarters and Special Salmon fishing boats is that the fishing boats can provide emergency signaling to the headquarters. In this case, the safety of the fisherman in the fishing boats will be maximized whenever they are out at sea fishing. Besides, through data communication linkages, the headquarters will be able to inform the fishing boats for a specific type of fish immediately when there is a high demand for that specific species. On the other hand, the headquarters can also inform the fisherman to avoid catching the type of fish that has a low demand in the market. In addition, if the restaurant wants a specific species and they know where to catch those species. The restaurant can inform the headquarters and the headquarters will in turn give orders to the fisherman of where they can catch those fish. As such, the data communication linkages can help to save effort as well as time. In this case, the data communication linkages can help to reduce those unnecessary costs and deliver the information to the fisherman more efficiently.

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. Describe the type of network you could use to connect the branch offices and head quarters. Consider the LAN, MAN, and WAN topologies as well as any role the Internet should play.

To have the communications between branch offices and head quarters more efficient and effective, Special Salmon could utilize LAN, MAN and WAN.


As the name suggests, a LAN serves a local area (typically the area of a floor of a building, but in some cases spanning a distance of several kilometers). Typical installations are in industrial plants, office buildings, college or university campuses, or similar locations. In these locations, it is feasible for the owning Organization to install high quality, high-speed communication links interconnecting nodes. Typical data transmission speeds are one to 100 megabits per second. The most widely used LAN system is the Ethernet system developed by the Xerox Corporation. Intermediate nodes (i.e. repeaters, bridges and switches) allow LANs to be connected together to form larger LANs. A LAN may also be connected to another LAN or to WANs and MANs using a router.

The headquarter of Special Salmon is located in Miami. There is one large and powerful IBM mainframe computer. There are totally 115 managers and staff. Most of them have micro-computers. One LAN can be established in the headquarter office to connect those micro-computers with IBM computer. In that case, everyone in the office can share the information more effectively so that make the coordination more efficiency.


A Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is one of a number of types of networks. There are three important features which discriminate MANs from LANs or WANs

1. The network size falls intermediate between LANs and WANs. A MAN typically covers an area of between 5 and 50 km diameter. Many MANs cover an area the size of a city, although in some cases MANs may be as small as a group of buildings or as large as the North of Scotland.

. A MAN (like a WAN) is not generally owned by a single organization. The MAN, its communications links and equipment are generally owned by either a consortium of users or by a single network provider who sells the service to the users. This level of service provided to each user must therefore be negotiated with the MAN operator, and some performance guarantees are normally specified.

. A MAN often acts as a high-speed network to allow sharing of regional resources (similar to a large LAN). It is also frequently used to provide a shared connection to other networks using a link to a WAN.

The headquarter of Special Salmon and its branch offices can establish one MAN respectively with their customers and the market so that they can get the proper information about demanding of fish and market price faster, they can use WAN to contact with the fishing boats and request fishes with proper quantities and species according to the market demand.


As the term implies, a wide-area network spans a large physical distance. A WAN like the Internet spans most of the world!

A WAN is a geographically-dispered collection of LANs. A network device called a router connects LANs to a WAN. WANs differ from LANs in several important ways. Like the Internet, most WANs are not owned by any one organization but rather exist under collective or distributed ownership and management. A major factor impacting WAN design and performance is a requirement that they lease communications circuits from telephone companies or other communications carriers. Transmission rates are typically Mbps, 4 Mbps, 45 Mbps, 155 Mbps, 65 Mbps (or sometimes considerably more).

For Special Salmon, there are totally 81 branch offices located along the Atlantic seaboard and the Pacific seaboard. A WAN can connect 00 fishing boats, branch offices and headquarter. The information about the demand and quantity of each type of fish required can be transmitted at the fastest speed to each branch office and to each boat. The branch offices can also inform the headquarter about the inventory of fish arriving and fish being sold through WAN. The headquarter will make the proper marketing decision once they get the information and sell fishes immediately without any delay. The characteristics of the transmission facilities lead to an emphasis on efficiency of communications techniques in the design of WANs.

Generally speaking, Special Salmon can use LAN, MAN and WAN properly (See the diagram below) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of communications.

4. What are advantages and disadvantages to private lines, virtual private networks and the internet for your data communication medium?

Using a Private Lines for a communication between branch offices and headquarter of Special Salmon will provide a high security and high-speed connections, however, it will cost more than VPN which is now a trend in communication technologies. VPN could provide a relatively medium speed connections through the internet and as the technologies are improving, by combining with high speed internet connection through a cable network or DSL modem would make VPN more popular as a method of connections.

While the internet would remain as the most popular communications way, as it is widely used even tough it does not provide a good security, with the right software and hardware, VPN could utilize internet for the connections.

Advantages Disadvantages

Private Lines High speed, high security Expensive

VPN Secure, relatively inexpensive

Internet Inexpensive Lower to medium speed, low security


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