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Monroes Motivated sequence

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Topic reviewed _____

Topic Improving traffic intersections.

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Purpose To improve the traffic intersections in the US.

Specific purpose give, awareness’ of problem, need for change, solution and action.

Central idea To get people involved in participating to help decrease our dangerous intersections.

Attention Step Gain the attention of your audience.

I. Attention I would like people to participate and improving out traffic intersections in the US. Overall, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, red-light running accounts for more than 00,000 injuries and more than 800 deaths per year.

II. Credibility Insurance companies looked at each accident and judged them so they can be related to the intersection that was at fault was indexed. The index weighed crashes with injuries more heavily done to those motorists, and crashes with higher amounts of physical damage weighed more than motorists with lower amounts of damage.

III. Relate topic on average, once every two seconds, 1,500 times an hour. In all, there are likely to be nearly 1 million auto accidents in the U.S. this year. By one estimate, those crashes will cost the country a staggering $10 billion in repairs, medical bills, and lost wages.

IV. Preview let’s talk about awareness to the problem and the need of change.

I. Need Step Create awareness of a problem and the need for change

A. Point 1 I request that traffic intersections should be improved to lesson the risk of motor vehicle accidents.

1. Sub-point 1 The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) says disobeying yield and stop signs -- is the most frequent cause of urban crashes accounts for percent of all urban crashes and 7 percent of the injuries that result from them, according to the IIHS. Speeding, including trying to beat a red light by speeding up and hitting another car whose driver anticipated a green light.

• . Sub-point Overall, according to the IIHS, red-light running accounts for more than 00,000 injuries and more than 800 deaths per year.

• Failure to yield. It may take the form of a driver attempting a left turn in the face of oncoming traffic, or perhaps trying to make a right turn on a red light when the way isnt clear.

• Following too closely, or tailgating -- a key factor in rear-end collisions.

• Speeding, including trying to beat a red light by speeding up and hitting another car whose driver anticipated a green light.

• B. Point Inattentiveness, such as talking on a cellular phone, tuning a radio or eating while driving, or simply being preoccupied and not paying enough attention to traffic.

1. Sub-point 1 People get too comfortable about an intersection theyve been through hundreds of times. They are so used to going across; they dont see the stop sign and the accidents occur.

. Sub-point Too often, drivers stuck behind trucks, vans or SUVs dont have a clear view of the traffic signals (especially left turn signals).

(transition) now that you are aware of the problem lets talk but the solution.

II. Satisfaction Step Satisfy the need with a solution to the problem

A. Point 1

1. Sub-point 1 Better traffic-signal timing aimed at reducing unnecessary stops and preventing rear-end collisions. Also, brief red-in-all-directions signals would prevent some cross-traffic crashes.

. Sub-point Adding left-turn-only lanes and allowing left turns only when traffic from the opposite direction is stopped.

B. Point [Click here and type your second main point]

1. Sub-point 1 Removing signal lights at intersections with a low traffic volume and replacing them with four-way stop signs or roundabouts--yield-at-entry traffic circles. This actually improves safety in many situations. A signal-removal program in Philadelphia reduced crashes by an estimated 4 percent.

. Sub-point Repositioning the signals -- or adding a light in another location -- is a simple solution which may prevent accidents. State Farm also recommends that traffic signals at high volume intersections have newer 1-inch signals (rather than older 8-inch lights), plus back plates to help them stand out against the sky.

(transition) Now that you know some solutions lets talk bout visualization benefits.

III. Visualization Step Intensify interest by visualizing benefits

A. Point 1 Participation in improving our traffic intersections

1. Sub-point 1 If some of you choose not to participate then the car accidents will continue and more death will come.

. Sub-point You could be the next victim in a motor vehicle accident and all of it occurred because you felt that improving traffic intersections was something you were not interested in doing.

B. Point the right thing to do is prevent death

1. Sub-point 1 obey the laws of traffic

. Sub-point respect the speed limit and pedestrians of were you live and not to rush from one place to another.

(transition) Now that you know about the visualization I will talk about a call for action

Action Step Call audience to act with specific “call to action”

I. Summary I talked about an attention which was to help improve our dangerous traffic intersections. About the problem that needed to be taken care of. A solution on what needs to be done and an action on what to do to prevent any more problems in the future.

II. Call for action I would like you to go to and read the rules intersection safety tips to know what to do when approaching a intersection and crossing and intersection. Or go to you insurance company and ask for a copy.

III. Closing Even though I have shown you the moist dangerous intersections and have found out that Dayton is not a city with these intersection doesn’t meant that we should sit back an do nothing because Dayton can receive dangerous intersections.




Washington township Police department


Kettering Police Department



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