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Operations Management

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Operations Management

Operations management can be found and implemented in many different organizations and formal groups. With this type of management people, capital, and materials can make an organization successfully meet its goals. Operations management “refers to the direction and control of the processes that transforms inputs into finished goods and services (“Operations,” 000, p. 7). Operations management is an essential part to a production system. Inputs, processes, outputs, and information flows that connect with customer and the external environment, are what makes up a production system (“Operations,” 000). In Schmenner’s article, Operations Management, he touches on the subject and some of operations management history.

Schmenner discusses the evolution of what we refer to operations management. He discusses “process,” and the changes that have accompanied the meaning of “process” over time. Schmenner states not to far back in time, “process was almost invariably related to manufacturing” (Schmenner, Para. 4). This process was related to a series of manufacturing steps or series of manufacturing steps. During the manufacture of products, the process engineer decided how a product was made, and these decisions were dependent on equipment choice.

Schmenner goes on to explain the transition from strictly manufacturing “process,” to a broader-based scope of industry. He uses broadly-based, in the sense of the flow of goods and materials. The service sector was helping factor in this transition, explains Schmenner. The flow of good now is the flow of paperwork (order processing, billing, etc…). The Japanese extended this concept even further in the 170’s and 180’s with the advent of just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing principles. Schmenner discloses later in the article “not only is it useful to think of the flow of goods, but also of the flow of information” (Schmenner, Para. 7). Finally, Schmenner explains in his article that constant reengineering and modifications to these operations management processes is needed to keep things running efficiently.

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Schmenner’s article Operations Management does a good job in explaining the history through the present of these processes. He relays information about older rudimentary operations management concepts, as well as new ones like JIT and “enterprise resource planning” (ERP). The subject of reengineering and modifications of supply chain are important in the scheme of things. In retrospect, Schmenner did an excellent job of explaining important concepts dealing with operations management, although the actual skill to implement these concepts would have been useful to the reader.


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