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scarlet letter and crucible

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In the play The Crucible Arthur Miller reveals the public hysteria at its worst. Women in that cruel Puritan theocracy society have very low status. Similarly£¬ the extremely religious and intolerant society in Nathaniel Hawthorne¡¯s novel The Scarlet Letter has a same negative affect on women. Hester Prynne and Abigail William are two women present are the stories, and they both broke the law, whether falsely accuse or actually commit a mistake. In result they are deal with harsh words and punishments. The attitude direct toward the women is unfair, and less than men. (CI) Although the form of society find in both books are dominate by men, and the women are treat badly, but the attitude changes after they become important to their community. (TH ST)

Both Abigail Williams and Hester Prynne live in societies with strict rules, which are set and control by men. (TS) Women have nothing to enjoy on their free time. The Puritan society in Salem ¡°[have] no novelists ¡­ and would not have permitted anyone to read a novel if one [is] handy¡± (Arthur Miller 4). In addition young girls work at an early age. Abigail Williams, who is sixteen, has been at ¡°goody Proctor¡¯s service¡± (11) for a period of time, and are expected to work like a slave. She receives no respect, not until after she marries. Also a woman can¡¯t travel alone. When Hester¡¯s husband sent her to go to Boston before him, the people criticizes that ¡°no tidings have come¡± (Nathaniel Hawthorne 6) of it, and a woman that is alone leads herself ¡°to her own misguidance¡± (6). Women must be companied by her husband wherever she go, and have no freedom in marriage. Furthermore in both Salem and Boston political and religious positions are held all by men. At Hester¡¯s trial the prosecutors, ¡°governor, and several of his counselors, a judge, a general, and he ministers of the town¡± (57), of whom are all men. Women have neither power nor rights in the society.

Miller and Hawthorne illustrate the harsh and unfair attitude directed toward Hester and Abigail in the two Puritan societies, and how it changes after they become useful to their community. It is a human flaw that the strong tend to pick on the weak, and the common. Women is often less strong physically than men, and sometimes mentally also, so they are an easy target. But History has show that many women have gain respect because they are strong. Therefore, people need to be strong and useful to their society to obtain respect.

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  1. The Scarlet letter is a story of personal liberation. It comes to confirm how contrasting was the Puritan morality with passion and individualist rights. It is also a historical reference of the function of the New England Puritans as a symbol of despotic national origins. It merely also reflects Hawthrone‘s lifelong interest in exploring the rigidity of his Puritan Heritage .
    Hawthorne begins his most famous novel with the most appealing essay “ The custom House “ in which he reveals to us his experiences as an offical at the salem, Massachusetts, Custom House where he claims to have discovered the scarlet letter and explored the rigidiy of his puritant anscestors “ I seem to have a stronger claim to a residence here an account of this grave , bearded ,sable_clooked, and steeple_cr owned progenitor , who came so early , with his bible and his sword, and trode the unworn street with such a stately port, and make so large a figure , as a man of war and peace “ Chapter 1 .