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Staffing Issues at Funwerks

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Human Resource Roles and Responsibilities

Isn’t that an oxymoron?


Cheap Custom Essays on Staffing Issues at Funwerks

Charles L. Floyd

Veronica Wilson-Brewster


September , 00

Human Resource Roles and Responsibilities Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Is there really a department entitled “Human Resources” in the workplace? In most companies that answer is yes and that it is a true fully functioning department, but that is not the case at Funwerks. Funwerks is owned by Werks, Inc. a small a fast growing company based out of North Carolina. The company grew from a small two facility family fun center organization with approximately forty employees to a company with over six facilities in four states employing over 50 employees in less than three months time frame.

This type of growth wrecked havoc on the infrastructure of the company since there was no human resource department in the beginning of the company and it wasn’t added as a department until after the acquisitions of the other parks. The company basically grew faster than it should have and thus left everyone wondering what direction they were suppose to go in. The first error in the company is that the head of the HR Department is also the wife of one of the General Managers at one of the locations. The second error is that there are no employee manuals at all so there is no direction as to where the company is going and what is expected of its employees. Not only was there no direction as to where to go for employee issues there was no organizational flow chart so no one really knew whom they needed to talk to about what issues, and one vice-president would always contradict what the other vice-presidents had said. There was no accountability for actions, written memos or verbal agreements, upper management basically did as they pleased with out answering to anyone.

This type of company and lack of a proper human resource department is what killed the company’s workforce. Many of their top employees left to find better companies to work for, several even left to work for Werk’s, Inc. top competitor. Those that didn’t leave were lied to until they either left due to work conditions or were let go from the company. At least one of the employees that was let go was fired for unjust cause and a lawsuit is possibly in the works on that. With this type of company out there it is a wonder why they still have employees working for them and that hey are able to keep the doors open for business.

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