Thursday, January 12, 2012

Twice Pardoned

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In the movie, “Twice Pardoned”, a man tells about his life. Now, his is now just any ordinary life, instead it is filled with stories of prison and past mistakes. He tells us how something that might just seem like a little mistake can turn into something that just might change your life, for the worse. He articulates his life in such a way so we emphasize with him and his mistakes, and we are right there with him, seeing ourselves as him making mistakes, paying the price.

He informs us how his friends turned on him in such a way that he was blamed for the killing of a man, who in fact, they had killed. In this, he emphasizes that our friends do truly make a difference in the outcome of our lives. We may not think of it, but then neither did he. In fact, it was the farthest thing from his mind. While he lets us think about the horrible aspects of his life, he also shows us just how we, in small ways, can help save other people from going down the wrong road. He tells the story of a small boy who lived by his prison, and who would come a visit him everyday. This little boy was able to make a huge difference in his life, although at the time the boy had no idea. It reminds us that even the small, simple things that we do each day for each other just might have more significance then we could have ever dreamed of.

The thing that hit me was that in his life you could see clearly just how much the decisions he made as a teenager haunted him throughout his life. If he had just made different choices, his life would be completely different. It reminds all of us that we are not too young to start making the right choices, choices that will lead us to a good and happy life.

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