Thursday, February 16, 2012

Grown Up

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To be grown up is not just a physical thing it is also mental actually it is all mental. What does being grown up actually mean, does it mean to act mature all the time? Does it mean to take care of responsibility? Does it mean you have authority, or does it mean you are watched and judged for all actions by all people every single time you go out in public? Well, being grown up means all these things and more but acting grown up is just the beginning.

When people talk about being grown up the talk about maturity and acting mature and doing nothing else except acting a certain age which actually is not definite. The means of acting a certain age is not definite because you can be grown up at any point in time in your life. If there was a 10-year old kid sitting around running the house and taking care of responsibilities in the house he might be considered grown up because he is taking care business. But, he might be acting his age like the kids in “Through The Tunnel” how they were pretty old but still acting like kids. Kids sometimes are justified as young, arrogant, selfish, spoiled, brats. There are some so-called “grown-ups” that act just as they do but with even less sense.

Grown ups have lots of responsibility especially when they are living on there own or with a family. The reason why they have so much responsibility is because they have to do a lot of things to become successful in life much like kids but not quite the same. Kids responsibility is to go to school and learn so that they can be successful. Being grown up is part of that responsibility by that meaning successful. So to be grown up people need to take care of all responsibilities and know how to maintain that status that person is at or improve where they are in life.

What it means to be grown up has no definite answer because you can be gown but not no how to be grown. Being grown up is basically though there is no true answer just means respect the inner you and take care of you and the things that come along in life in a responsible way. Although being “grown up” may sound easy it isn’t it takes work and that work is knowing how to think smart and use intelligence to guide you down every path you take or there will be no being grown up.

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