Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Problem with Affirmative Action

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Affirmative action is a controversial subject. While some support the view by suggesting that it helps to level the playing field, the opposing view promotes that such programs are unfair. The point is that affirmative action is something that will not be settled just as the abortion dilemma will always have two sides. While the ideas behind affirmative action is perhaps ideal, it has dangerous implications that white males have experienced. Although affirmative action tries to level the playing field, it is not fair.

Affirmative action does not include the ever-changing face of the average American. No longer are people black or white. There is more and more intermarriage and in effect, offspring surface who cannot describe themselves as one race or another.

Also, most people go against the concept. Americans oppose racial preference in most every form, and have recommended this strongly in many opinion polls, some of these including a large number of African Americans. You would think that in a democracy, the popular vote would rule. This is also consistent with the utilitarian point of view. Central to Utilitarianism is the premise that it is ideal to achieve the greatest happiness for the greatest number (McLeish).

Another point is that affirmative action, while once important, is an obsolete concept. Things have changed. Affirmative action might have been necessary decades ago, but things are different now.

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Critics of affirmative action also claim that it results in reverse discrimination against white men who are passed over in favor black men who may not be as qualified. This is a common problem and perhaps the best case as to why affirmative action does lead to negative consequences. There have been numerous law suits filed in a variety of situations including the educational and business realms.

Although many minorities and women do support affirmative action strategies, a majority says its benefits are not worth the effects that go with it. This is a significant problem today. Many people look at minority doctors and lawyers and in the back of their minds wonder if they are really up to the job. The very bright minority member, who might have surpassed most others, is second guessed and therefore held back to an extent. An individual would be far better off with the governments mandates.

Finally, affirmative action programs create low self-esteem. The programs not only hurt the competitor who is not a minority member, but also those who are being helped. Affirmative Action is supported by individuals with good intentions, who realize that school systems around the nation are not equal. In order to help minorities who have come from poorer neighborhoods, programs to give them a push into college or a job are endorsed. While affirmative action is a good idea, the reality is that the programs do have more bad effects than positive features.

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