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With the dangers of poachers today, looking for animals to turn into coats, ornaments, jewellery and many other cruel prizes there own habitat is hardly safe which is an extreme shame as how would you like it if you weren’t even safe in your own home.

Many zoos today are not like the zoos of the past as they give endangered animals a chance to breed, and hurt animals a chance to heal they are sanctuaries for the hunted. The best sort of zoos are safari parks were the animals get to run around and as they are open to the public it will give people the chance to see the animals and to appreciate them. This in my opinion could reduce the amount of poachers. Often when the animals have healed or rebred they released back in to the wild they are not prisoners as the zoos are keeping them for their own good and would never keep an animal without just reason.

Unfortunately there are zoos which are in it for the profit and don’t care for the animals properly they are gradually being banned and the animals will be sent to proper zoos were they will be cared for properly and depending on the situation released back in to the wild.

The keepers in better zoos are trained professionals and are fully qualified for caring with slightly more exotic animals. Of course the wild is better for “wild” animals but the truth is the wild isn’t safe any more, rainforests are becoming smaller and smaller leaving animals homeless and until the wild is safer for animals the zoos are going to keep helping regain the population of certain species.

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