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cats and dogs

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Deciding what type of pet to get is a chapter in life that almost everyone goes

through. Some are interested in listening to birds squawking “hello” as they

walk past the birdcages in the pet store. The iguana slithering up the

salesman’s arm fascinates others. Although, the majority of the potential pet

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owners rule out the exotic feathered and scaled friends and settle on the more

common pets, like a dog or cat. It can be a very tough decision between whether

to get a dog or cat. Before choosing between a dog and cat, the soon-to-be

owner should first determine exactly what they are looking for in a pet. In

order to choose the pet that best suits them, it is crucial that the owner

understand the differences between cats and dogs. It is indisputable that both

cats and dogs make great pets and give years of companionship; however, do they

both have sole distinctions that allow each to be prominent individually? Let’s

uncover this matter.

Cats and dogs are alike in that they are both domesticated mammals. Another

similarity is that both animals are carnivorous. They eat canned food, dry

food, table scraps, small rodents, and birds. Cats and dogs make great pets

because they can live to be over twenty years old. Additionally, they make such

excellent pets because they have an uncanny ability to know when their owners

are upset and cheer them up. One more correspondence between the two is that

there are many different species of both cats and dogs.

The personalities and habits of cats and dogs are what set them apart from each

other. Someone in search of a quiet, low maintenance pet is most likely to be

more compatible with a cat. Cats do their business in a litter box. This is

very convenient; the owner doesn’t have to worry about the pet messing in the

house while they aren’t home. Now if only they could learn how to spray the air

freshener. A problem with cats is their claws. It isn’t pleasant extracting

nails, which feel like daggers, out of your arm. Some cats will claw at

furniture. Many people believe this is done to sharpen their claws; however,

the action is performed to mark their territory. Other than getting cats

declawed, they do not require much attention over and above regular feeding and

regular cleaning of the litter box. Cats are quite independent, and they hardly

ever listen to authority. They do whatever they want, and they do it when and

the way they desire. Cats rarely show affection. Once in a while when a cat

does show friendliness, it will crawl onto your lap and rub its entire body on

you. The purring sound a cat makes when it is content is one of the few

indications of love. Although they have an aloof nature, cats grow up quickly

and are able to amuse themselves all day while their owners are away. Cats

rarely make a mess of the house. And if this happens, it is because they are

upset or sick. One useful characteristic about cats is that they chase and eat

rodents. Although there are many types of cats, they are generally all the same

size. Many people that have problems with mice adopt cats for the simple reason

that they get rid of pesky rodents.

For unwavering love, devotion, and security, a dog might be a better

alternative. The sizes of dogs, unlike cats, vary dramatically. Full-grown

dogs can range anywhere from three to over a hundred pounds.

Small dogs, like poodles, are usually adopted just for the simple reason to love

their owners. Bigger dogs like rottweilers and dobermans are for those who are

in need of further protection. Thieves would think twice before breaking into

your house if you had a salivating doberman standing on your porch. Dogs will

not question authority, and they will, after some training, do exactly what they

are told to do. Caring for a dog is not as easy as a cat, and they require a

lot more attention. They must be taken out regularly. Unfortunately, dogs

cannot be trained to do their business in a litter box. Children are more

likely to get along better with a dog rather than a cat. Most dogs, much like

kids, love to play. A dog is also a lot like a child in that it easily and can,

without too much effort, make your house look like a disaster area.

It is an obvious detail that cats and dogs make great pets, and they both give

numerous years of company. They are also soothing to the soul, and they teach

responsibility. The decision regarding which to choose however is one of duty.

The pet owner must decide how much effort he or she wants to put forth. If a

quiet and low maintenance pet is more important, a cat is a better choice than a

dog. If, nonetheless, an affectionate, playful, and reliable companion were

desired, a dog would be the best pick.

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