Monday, March 26, 2012

English as the official language

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Immigrants come to our nation for many reasons. It is not always the ones usually attributed with immigrants with people rushing over the border in order to get into our welfare system. Anyone who is a refugee from a foreign nation that has been bombed by war, such as people from Kuwait or ethnic Albania, they are people that come to this country and they are immigrants. They are refugees escaping oppression. They may not speak the language here, but that does that mean they do not belong here? They are fleeing their homes because their lives are in grave danger. For us to say, “Well, before we can let you in and save your lives, you have to take learn the English language and you have to pass a history test” would be blatantly wrong. The benefits of diversity are vast and usually overlooked when talking of such issues. Immigration increases our workforce. Many people born in America take things for granted and know their so-called personal worth and thus do not want the jobs they consider beneath them. We need people to fill those positions. And as the immigrants are growing, they must start at a low-level position. Someone needs to be paid minimum wage in order for our economy to exist or at the very least, function. There was a research conducted in Canada where people from America went to Canada and we tracked how they affected the Canadian economy. Now nearly half of those who went to Canada started up their own companies, a common trend in America. They come and they start a new business that might benefit their diversity. And they employ people. This creates more jobs. This creates a larger job market. This creates even more diversity in America. Now many people will argue that America is a melding pot, where all the cultures meld together as one. This image has become someone old-fashioned though. What makes America so special is that we don’t have one large Anglo-German-Spani-Fren-Mexi-Russian group. I like to consider it a salad. We don’t want everyone to be exactly the same, but instead contribute greatly to the betterment of our nation. It would be much better for all these separate diversities to obtain their natural languages. Let us look at Australia. Australia has seven languages as their national language. They print everything in those seven languages. This does not cause confusion, but instead causes diversity and builds intelligence, combating cultural ignorance. And let us not forget that this nation was built on immigrants. There are very few people who naturally lived here � the Native Americans of course. So why are we not speaking Native American Indian? Could it possibly be because the Caucasian Americans killed them? Very few people who still naturally speak Native Americans Indian are alive. And do you know why? Because the Caucasian Americans killed them! Now, what we are saying is that even though we are all immigrants and at some point brought different languages from our native countries, that we are still the least immigrants? How is it fair to build a county on the principles of an open door and suddenly slam the door shut, saying that others are too much immigrant for us? Who are we to say what language is best? English is only the second most spoken language in the world, next to Mandarin Chinese, so why are we not speaking that instead? This bill does not even sate what “American English” is. Is American English “y’all” and “shucks”? Is American English “like, whatever”? Is American English “Wuzzup” and other Ebonics phrases? Even within America, many dialects of English are spoken, so which is the so-called American one? And how will we mandate that every government policy be printed in that form? Will our constitution now read “Us them peeps of the USA, in Order to, like, have a better Union and stuff…” Please! This bill should not pass.

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