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Kari let her legs dangle over the edge of the ship as she stared out to the horizon. Clear skies, calm seas, and nothing to do--this was not exactly her idea of a good time. The warm sun glinted off of her dragon skin bodysuit, casting iridescent shadows that swayed about on the deck in time with the ships gentle rocking. One of the crewmen walked by, he was a gruff, dirty fellow with a scraggly beard and a patch over his left eye. Kari smiled warmly to him, but he responded by giving her a wide berth. With a sigh, she stared back out at the limitless expanse of water.

She got out a bible and started reading

Then god said, glet us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle and over all the wild animals of the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon earth.h

So god created humankind in his image, in the image of god he created them; male and female he created them.

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She told her self, why this canft be true. Why do we have to live hidden scared of the animals that out ran this world? The world was opposite to what the bible had told. Humankind did not have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle and over all the wild animals. We were the lowest and the weakest species living in this world. For more than a thousand years, it has been like this. Human kinds have been trying to defeat and take over the world from the beasts, but they are furious and evil.

Kari stepped onto the forbidden land Gayer. She took a mighty step onto the land and saw the shadow of the ship behind her flying away into the safety of the water far away from the land as the sails could take them. From here on, she was all by herself, and she had to protect herself from any blood pumping animals which would love to byte into her flesh. She walked through the dark forest; eyes wide open, making sure that nothing was near her. She did not want to encounter any beast on her way to the castle. She had to get there fast as possible, she had to urgently get to the castle and see the king who was suffering from a poison which was circling through out his body. Fourteen days ago, the castle was attacked by the beasts of the forest and in the battle; the king was poisoned by the evil monsters of the forest. That is all that Kari knows, but she had to get to the castle right away, and she didnft have any time to waste with any animals on the way. But luck wasnft on her side today, because from no where a Lionous had showed up, and was staring right at Kari. She drew her sword, from her waist and held it up in the air, waiting for the Lionous. Lionous was a large looking lion, around a size of an elephant. All the animals have been mutated after a rain of rocks came down from heaven. She held her sword tight and started charging at the beast, yelling her lungs out, screaming with hate. She swung her sword and the beasts head separated from the body as if it was never connected.

The head of the beast slowly dragged down from the body and bolted down onto the ground. Blood sprinkled everywhere; the forest was a strawberry jam. She cleaned off the blood, splatted on her sword. She wiped it clean using the leaves on the tree. She places her sword back into the case and started walking toward the beast which just tried to rip her open. She knelt down and ripped out its tongue, just by using her hands. She tore it out and started heading off again. She kept and kept walking trying to get to the castle. And after her long walk thought the forest, she finally found the castle. She immediately run to the gate of the castle, and told the guards that she was here to see the king. They guards kindly let her through and escorted her to where the king laid. The priest spoke, the kind has been poisoned by the beasts in our last attack by the beasts. The king is dying fast, but there is nothing we can do. We have tried to go the Crukule mountain, where a special herb exists, but that is where the beast lay. We have sent many solider there to recover the herb, but none of them us ever returned to this castle. We do not know the where about of these soldiers. We are guessing that the beasts have killed them.

gSo what we want you to do is, to go and find us the herb. The king will not last much longer, so you must hurry,h the priest said.

She looked at the king and ran out back in to the forest. She ran, and ran as fast as her legs would take her. She never looked back and ran right thorough the forest.

After a long hour of running. She finally made it to the cave of the mountain. At the far end of the cave was where the herb grew, she had to get there as quickly as possible, and if she could, she wanted to get there without a fight. She walked in. And where ever she looked there was blood and bones of the soldiers would had tried to fight through. She kept walking inside, and without any warning, beasts started coming out and started assailing her. She had no time to waste; she drew her sword and cut through each and one of the beasts which were in her way, like a boat cutting through the water. She kept running, running through the beasts, blood pouring out like a fountain, cries echoing inside, nothing stopped her way.

She finished slaying all the beasts, except for one at the end, which was not like all the others. It was staring at her eyes waiting to kill her. She had to get through the beasts; she ran at the beast and started fighting with the beasts. It was much stronger than the other one which she fought with. It was much stronger. After a long battle against it, Kira won. She had stabbed the beastfs right through the head with her sword. All she had to do was find the herb, which lay in front of her and take it back to the king.

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