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History of the Trombone research

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Trombone research


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In the late 14th century, a long straight trumpet was curved into an “s” shape and thus began the trombone. “Trombone” is from the Italian term for trumpet (“Tromba”) and big trumpet (“one”). The English term for the same instrument is “Sackbut” which is thought to derive from the Spanish word “Sacabuche” meaning “draw pipe” and “boter” meaning “to push”. If traveling in Germany, the trombone would be referred to as “posaune” which term derived from “buisine” which was a long straight trumpet from which the trombone was developed. “Buisine” became “Posaune” after the 16th century. Trombones were originally used to accompany trumpets and this grouping continued through the music of composers such as Giovanni Gabrieli, Heinrich Schutz and Henry Purcell.




Born in Mahoney Plane (or Shenandoah), Pennsylvania in 105, Tommy and his brother Jimmy were both musically talented and received music lessons from their father who was a high school band director. Through competition with each other, both Dorseys became excellent musicians but it was Tommy who wanted to master the trombone over all of the other instruments they played. Throughout the years, Tommy and Jimmy would play together in swing bands but went separate ways musically in 15 due to their inability to get along creatively. Tommy Dorsey and the Dorsey Brother’s band is credited with launching such vocal talents as Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. Tommy Dorsey died in Greenwich, Connecticut in 156 after being a huge influence during the big band era.


Kid Ory (born in 1886) kicked it up a notched playing jazz trombone and is said to be the “greatest trombone player is the early years of jazz”. He started out as a banjo player who switched to trombone and developed the “tailgate” style of playing the trombone where the player plays the rhythmic line underneath the trumpet or cornet. His bands were named “Kid Ory’s Creole Orchestra” and he recorded music in California under “Spike’s Seven Pods of Pepper Orchestra”. Kid Ory retired in 166 and died in 17.



Clifford Adams is a trombone player credited with starting the punkadelic group “Kool and the Gang” known for such great hits as “Jungle Boogie” and his currently available CD “Master Power” is a “warmly recommended” mix of “latinesque” and jazz music with excellent accompaniment and vocals.


Glenn Miller was both a trombone performer and composer of historical big band music from approximately 1 when he quit college to focus on his musical career until 144 when the plane he was traveling to Paris in was lost the musical world lost a renowned musician. Born in Iowa, Glenn Miller’s first instrument was a mandolin his father brought home one day. He traded that in for a well used horn and played that all of the time. He formed his band in 17 after playing with many well known musicians as a solo trombonist and arranger. He played with Benny Goodman, Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey and accompanied Bing Crosby. The success of his first “orchestra” was disappointing and he dissolved that band and returned to playing for other orchestras until he came up with an idea of arranging trumpets and saxophones that Miller felt to set his orchestra apart from the others. He was right and the Glenn Miller Orchestra () enjoyed huge success and sold out shows.

Repertoire (most famous pieces)


“Moonlight Serenade” � performed by Glenn Miller Orchestra

“Sunrise Serenade” � performed by Glenn Miller Orchestra

“Sentimental Journey” � performed by Tommy Dorsey Band


“Sweet Time Suite” � Kenny Wheeler


“Appalachian Spring” � composer, Aaron Copland


“Carnival Overture” � composer, Antonin Dvorak

Famous Orchestras


Glenn Miller’s Orchestra

The Glenn Miller Orchestra still entertains sold out crowds today through the ownership of the Miller Estate. The Glenn Miller Orchestra consists of four trombone players, five saxophone players, four trumpeters as well as a rhythm sections which is comprised of piano, bass and drums. Today’s Glenn Miller Orchestra tours and plays the original scores.


Michael Andrew and Swingerhead (based in Orlando); Michael Andrew Retro-Swing wing Band; The Coconut Club Orchestra; Michael Andrew and Rainbow Room Orchestra;

Michael Andrew loves big band music and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree and major in theatre from the University of Wisconsin and started performing on the Carnival Cruise Line until he (and the orchestra he formed) was asked to become a regular performer at the Rainbow Room in New York City. An illustrious career was begun and continues to this day on the East coast of the US and theWest coast of US.

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