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report # 2

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Religion and philosophy can be the same or influence by one another. They were meant to find solutions or answers to an existing problem. Religions were established around 800 B.C.-00 B.C., which was known as the Axial Age. I think human beings are blessed with philosophy, and relgion to live with. I believe we human beings see religion as some kind of philosophy. Dont you think religion is also a way of thinking about how we can live best? And philosophy is all about thinking. So we humans being posses this ability to think and believe, which is a blessing for us.

The first four civilizations to come up with their own religion and philosophy were China, India, Middle East, and Greece. They came up with different solutions to find the answers about everything. India and Middle East beliefs were based on religion, political and social, while China and Greece valued only political and social. China and Greece were identified as non-religious civilization, also known as Secularism. They obtain their answers by thinking. On the other hand, India and the Middle East find their solutions by God and what it says in the bible. I think religion is more influential than philosophy. Religion these days are growing and has been exposing themselves to the telivision, radio, and newspaper.

The creation of hinduism, buddhism, and jainism took place in India. In those religions, they served one or more gods, also called as polytheism. The people who served only one called were called monotheism. Those people originately came from the Middle eastern where judaism, christianity, and islam were born.

Confucianism was very popular around the year 500 B.C. A man named confucious started this great philisophy. When he died his students wrote books about him and his ideas. Confucious was a self educated man, who studied the society to find the answers for everything. The books that Confuciouss students have written for him was all about what their master said. Confucious teachings were about relationships in the family, the society, and the state. He thought humans were between heaven and earth. So if humans behavior becomes bad, then the relation between heaven and earth becomes bad. The relationships in the family were the resposibilites between husband and wife, father and son, mother and daughter, and older brother and youger brother. In the society, relationships were between the old and young, and the rich and poor. In the state, realtionships were between the rulers and subjects. Chinese people used history as a lesson. Educated people were civilized, and uneducated people were not. Confucious also taught his students about moral, gentlemen, and nobility.

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When confucianism was abolished. Legalism came around 400 B.C. in China. Legalism was the opposite of confucianism. They had bad views of nature. Legalist ruled china by laws. They made their own laws and punishments. During the Chin dynasty, legalist were in controlled of china. The way they punished people was by killing them slowly. Mens were to serve the army with no choice. They had to bring their own supplies and food.

Legalism created their own enemy and one of them were the taoist Taoism created stability and social order. The taoism was based of the way of nature. They thought nature has a healing power, so they left their to live in nature. Taoism thinks education creates distinction.

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