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what makes a person a hero?

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Many of us had someone we looked up to, or admired. A hero in other words, that helped in guiding you to this point. We’ve all had heroes; many of us still have them. But have you ever considered what makes a hero, or what qualities one has to posses to be a hero/heroine.

Many of our hero’s are famous, whether in sports, movies, or music. Then we have heroes such as family members or close friends. But what exactly is a hero and what are the main qualities of a hero. One dictionary describes a hero as a man/woman of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his/her brave deeds and noble qualities. There are many different definitions for a hero/heroine. We may not be able to express in word what exactly we think a hero is. There are many different things that make us select people as our hero or heroine. It may be the courageous deeds they do for people, the strange or hard jobs that they perform, or maybe it’s their talents (such as actors, singers, and athletes). Whatever it may be, there is something special about the people we chose to be our hero.

We can say that most of our heroes/heroines are brave, determined, and audacious. Take for instance Batman. Many consider him to be a hero because he shows bravery when it comes down to protecting the citizens of Gotham City from the bad people there. He’s determined to keep the city safe no matter what obstacles he are forced to face. Then, he’s very audacious or bold when he does these heroic acts.. He never lets anything scare him or keep him from doing something he’s determined to do. And he shows his caring attributes towards all in the city. And some look up to him and consider him a hero for things like that. Then we have parents that are considered hero’s to some of us. What makes parents heroes? Many of us would say it’s because they’re devoted, hardworking, and loving. Many admire their parents for the things they’ve done or even the things that both you and your parents have been through together. Through it all they’ve remained devoted, hardworking, and caring. Our heroes must also have strength and creativity.

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Our heroes/heroines bravery and courage are developed in spite of fear and human failings. This gives us hope and courage to face the challenges that lie ahead. We all have the potential to overcome great obstacles and achieve our dreams by following in the footsteps of our heroes.

The main purpose today was to determine what makes a hero/heroine and how we ourselves can be heroes and heroines. We’ve drawn the conclusion that you must have such qualities as bravery, determination, devotion, and audacious. Each of you sitting here today holds all of these qualities deep inside. My challenge to each of you today is to go out beyond these school grounds and use these qualities that you hold so dear and be someone’s hero/heroine. All of you have the potential and you’re showing it by being present here today. Many of you may already be someone’s hero/heroine. Maybe a sibling, family member, or even someone in your neighborhood may admire you and consider you to be their hero/heroine. So can you see yourself as a hero/heroine? Because when I look out in the audience that’s exactly what I see, a room full of the world’s greatest hero ever.

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