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Running up the hillside, I realized my life was soon to end. It was much like a scene from some big Hollywood movie. I was flashing back in my mind the life I had lived. I staggered willfully to excel with more speed than a turtle seasoned with one hundred years of life. My bloodied and wounded leg would not hold much longer with the quickly made makeshift splint. This was the end, it was time to give up, I had met my final demise.

Life had not always been so much on the edge for me. I was your average young scientist, filled with curiosity and obsessed with my work. It was not really my style to be a “hands on” field scientist, but I could simply not refuse an opportunity presented like none other. For centuries talk about a missing evolutionary link has been cooked up and then placed into the mainstream media so that some perverse people could go in search of this red herring of a tale. Sasquatch and the lock-ness monster are only a few of the creatures that were created in the minds of foolish people searching for an answer. The study would be strictly scientific to research some odd occurrences at the Arctic. As most citizens of the earth know, the world has been experiencing global warming for the last twenty years. The warming has been significantly altering the environment of our glacial land areas, but this would be truly unforeseen.

The vessel’s diesel engines screamed to propel the red painted underbelly of the S.S. Ice-Cruiser through the concrete hardened water. The vessel was designed for arctic ice-breaking adventures and was key to getting us to the normally unreachable plains of the inner Arctic. The light dazzled over the vast whiteness of the Arctic’s stretching tundra. Only a bright blur of nothingness could be seen for miles. As the crew and I stepped upon the wicked and unforgiving glacial floor, we all felt the uneasy disturbance that came through the ground and trembled through our bodies. We all stood still and then in unison uttered the words “MY GOD”. We looked in the direction of the disturbance to find rather than cold vast frozen tundra, an appealing lush plateau with beautiful trees and foliage. It was as if we were in the depths of a frozen hell looking tearfully towards a heavenly body consisting of a tropical setting.

We had established a proper encampment on the outer edge of the tropical environment. This was scientifically insane, the environment only twenty feet away was a frozen -45 degrees Fahrenheit and where we were it was a perfect 80 degrees. Impossible by all mainstream thought, but it was here for all to see. We had constructed the mobile labs complete with all of the necessary equipment to observe and monitor the environment. The morning had begun like any other tropical day; the sun arose to bring a morning mist that would nurture the surrounding plant life. Droplets of water danced playfully on the large leaves supported by the enormous green foliage. It was simply serene, that was until the noises began. It went through your body and reminded you that death was near. A call not heard for centuries, a shriek in which all evil is derived; the sound of everything and nothing, impossible to describe. The sound was something that should only be heard if you are knocking on the door to hell.

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I awoke with fright. My extremely vivid dreams of those devilish ramblings helped me rise immediately from my slumber. As I would soon experience this day would be one seared into my memory for an eternity. The team and I set out into the field to try and discover where the noises had been coming from. Odd, no singing of birds, no rustling of small animals, complete silence. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before; it was as if everything was dead and gone. Eerie to say the least of the situation, but we all tried hard to ignore the disturbing enigma. Suddenly to our left it had made its appearance. The animal was standing at a still halt with its chest was resting upon the canopy of the probable 80 meter vertical tree line. My God, this creature was insanely enormous. Thoughts of the tumultuous Abominable Snowman rushed through my mind like what I used to watch in my youth on Sunday morning cartoons, but this animal was actually standing before me. Its feet were twisted and ugly like ground beef with an odor of being rotten for months. They were proportional to a small school bus. The legs jutted out from the remaining body like two high-rise buildings. They looked to be human like in appearance, but were some five hundred times larger. The monster was completely covered with tufts of very coarse hair like that of a Scottish terrier. The legs drew up to a torso that displayed a fairy tale dragon muscular structure that rippled and flexed with every movement. The shoulders were grossly wide and dawned excessively muscular extremities that gleamed in the sunlight. The face was severely disturbing, alien-like in its shape being pointy and oversized in proportion to the rest of the body. My legs moved in natural reaction and immediately the three eyes zeroed in on my location. It must have been thinking that I was the weakest and puny specimen of an animal that it had ever seen. I could see the pool of saliva forming around the beast’s outer lips as it stared me down like a juicy piece of filet mignon. I began to run for high ground, but soon my ankle met with a stray log on the ground. It was broken. I used some bark and vine to mend it quickly, but the monster was gaining effortlessly. And suddenly I here a pfffft, like what you hear in the movies of a silenced gun. The beast fell to the ground with a tremendous thud revealing the remainder of my team aiming the sedative releasing dart gun. It was over, we had conquered the beast.

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