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The dirty-yard and porch of the Maxson family’s house in Pittsburgh, PA. The entrance to the house is gained by two or three steps leading to wooden porch badly in needed of paint. The house has sturdy porch with a flat roof. One or two chairs of dubious value sit at one end where the kitchen window open onto the porch. An old-fashioned icebox stands silent guard at the opposite end. The yard is a small dirty yard, partially fenced, except for the last scene, with a wooden sawhorse, a pile of lumber, and other fence-building equipment set off to the side. Opposite is a tree that hangs a ball made of rags. A baseball bat leans against the tree. Two oil drums serve as garbage receptacles and sit near the house at right to complete the setting.

The Symbol that the play Fences show is a train and the fence around the house. The train shows how Troy’s new baby Raynell has an effect in his life. Troy’s sings her a song, “ Please Mr. Engineer, let a man ride the line”, which echoes the pleas of a man begging a train engineer to let him ride, in hiding, for free. Train represents a change in someone’s life, coming and arriving. By singing this song, Troy realizes that his action caused the upheaval in the lives of his love ones. The song also shows that Troy is begging Rose to forgive him and take him back. Troy is a homeless and has nothing to offer his newborn daughter. Troy is asking Rose to give him a free ride for forgiveness. Troy hopes his love for his daughter and her innocence’s will change Rose’s heart and allow Troy another chance at fatherhood and marriage. The fence around the house represents Rose’s the relationship that bond and break in the area of the backyard. The fact that Rose wants the fence build adds meaning to her character because she sees the fence as something positive and necessary. To Rose, a fence is a symbol of her love and her desire for a fence indicates that Rose represents love and nurturing. She wants to bring her family closer and to keep her love ones close to her love.

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