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While at the university in Ingolstadt Victor Frankenstein became consumed with the desire of discovering the secret of life. During Victors quest for and the eventual discovery of the secret of life he undergoes many physical and psychological changes.

After becoming intrigued with the idea of creating life, Victor began searching for the secret to the re-animation of lifeless body parts. At first Victors research was fluctuating and uncertain (5). As Victor continued his quest he became so eager that the stars often disappeared in the light of the morning (5), while he was searching for his answer. While engaged in his research Victor stumbles upon the secret of creating life.

After Victor discovers the secret, he begins the process of creating a life by gathering limbs and body parts. After realizing the complexity of working with small body parts Victor resolves to make the creature stand eight feet tall and proportionally wide. At this point Victor began to feel god-like and wanted the creature that he created to bless me as its creator and source ().

Victor began his search for the necessary body parts by searching dissecting rooms and butcher houses. During this time, Victor began to experience moments of guilt but would suppress them with the eagerness of seeing the results of his work. While Victor arduously dedicated himself to his task he began to isolate himself from his family, friends and all other aspects of his life. Victor became so enamored with his goal that he lost all soul or sensation but for this one pursuit (). Physically, Victor became pale and emaciated due to his isolation ().

Later, after learning that the monster was responsible for the murder of his brother and sees Justine executed for the crime Victor becomes even more withdrawn and guilt ridden. This pattern of his waning physical health in relation to the monster is a result of the secret guilt that he endured. By killing his brother and causing him to become isolated, the monster is able to make Victor experience the isolation that he has endured since his creation.

Frankenstein takes a different view of the scientific progress of the Enlightenment. While the Enlightenment thinkers of the time were excited and optimistic about what was being discovered, Shelley forces them to take a look at the negative aspects of the unchecked pursuit of knowledge. Although Victor was successful in creating a life that creation was eventually responsible for the deaths of two of the people that were the most important to him.

This idea of the danger of wanton pursuit of knowledge is again demonstrated later in the book after Victor meets Robert Walton. Waltons goal is to surpass previous human accomplishment and reach the North Pole. Walton eventually considers Victors story and gives up on his goal of reaching the North Pole.

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