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Historical Aspect of Missions

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Before I started this Introduction to Missions class, my feelings on missions were just pretty basic. I have been to Trinidad and Tobago and Brazil on mission trips. And I have always loved missions because I am a person that has a great, big heart for those that are out there in the world and are not as fortunate as we are to know Christ as our personal Lord and Savior. And for those who are not able to provide for themselves or their family. To me, being a missionary was just that, having compassion and the heart for the people.

Now that I have started this mission’s class, my feelings have just changed. But they have changed for the better. I now truly understand what it is to be a missionary. And just being able to see what percent of our world hears the gospel and those that do not. It is just so amazing to find out those that have not heard the gospel of Christ. A scripture that I saw on the Biblical Perspective of Missions notes that stuck with me is “How shall they call upon Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach unless they are sent?” (Romans 1014-15). That scripture just really hit me hard because it is so true. How are they supposed to know about God if they have not heard of him?

Everything that I have learned in this class so far has encouraged me a lot. It has brought an even great burning desire to want to go out to the mission field and share the word of God with those that do now know of Him. And it is bringing a more clear understanding of what it truly means to be a missionary. I am learning beyond the basic qualifications of a missionary. As I look and see the countries who do not know of God, it brings this sadness to me because when I think about it, over here in the United States we have it easy. We take it for granted that we can go to church and easily hear God’s word or go around and share God’s word. When in other countries they either aren’t allowed to talk about God or just don’t know about God. This mission’s class has been a tremendous influence in my life already in this short little time.

All that information that I have learned already and continue to learn is going to help me be an extremely big influence on others. Or at least that is my prayer and I will strive my hardest. Because I feel that with all this that I am learning it is encouraging me to go out there into the nations and share God’s love. And then those who do not know of Jesus will know him because I along with many others took our time to share with them. I am getting a clear understanding of what it is to be a true missionary, so then I will be able to be a better missionary when I go out to the field. I love this class a lot already because it honestly is getting me excited about missions. I am getting such a clear view; clear understanding of what it is to be a true missionary.

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