Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hitler- Friend or Foe?

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Hilter � a name that was known to the world during one of the earlier centuries. Some of them saw him as a powerful and capable leader, the father of Germany while some thought that Hitler was a ruthless and the greatest enemy of world peace. What do you think?

Hitler is a ruthless, cruel leader. Being a German, he did done his part to make Germany become strong again, bringing his people out of the suffering. He was able to aid Germany when the incapable government was unable to, he made Germany rose to power again. However, it was a great cost to pay for the world, for all he thought was only the welfare of the Germany only.

For a little background, Hitler was from a small party before he even came to power in Germany. He was managed to climb his way up from a small party to who he was at that time � the leader of the Germany. From there, he made himself known to the world; he made his small party to become the largest party in German parliament. How did he come about doing all these? Ruthless � is the word that is most suitable to describe what he had done.

The Germans gave him their support in hoped for a better living environment, with a strong government to solve Germany’s economic problems. Even though he had gained some popularity in Germany and had become a Chancellor, he was still greed for power. He made sure that he had complete power in Germany. In order to have the complete power, he set up traps to stir up the parliament in Germany so as to take away the rights of the Germans. When dealing with his opposition, he killed them mercilessly. He did every evil thing just for himself, to gain complete power.

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When Germany had finally become strong again, he was not satisfied. He broke the agreements in the Treaty of Versailles; he built his own army and laid the foundations to the World War Two. This deadly war had taken many innocent lives, leaving the people around the war to suffer. They were either killed or being starves to death. People lived in fear during the days of the war. All these sufferings would have been avoided if Hitler would have been more forgiving and forget about the revenges to the other countries. He was selfish and was always thinking of gain advantages for himself only.

Hitler may seem to be a powerful leader. However, behind all his leadership qualities, he was a terrible man and was listed as one of the most evil men in the world for all the sufferings he had given to the world. Indeed, without Hitler, there will be peace and World War Two might not even have happened. So if you would to ask me, is Hitler a friend or a foe to you and me? It definitely got to be a firm NO.

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