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human cloning

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A total ban should be placed on human reproductive cloning aimed at creating a child.

This comment is backed by a National Academies report that considered only the scientific and medical aspects of this emotional and controversial issue. Based on experience with reproductive cloning in animals, the report concluded that human reproductive cloning would be dangerous both for the woman and the newborn and would more than likely fail. The study panel did not address the issue of whether human reproductive cloning, even if found to be medically safe, would be morally and ethically acceptable to individuals and society.

Currently, there are five species of animals that have been used in reproductive cloning studies, these are sheep, cattle, pigs, goats and mice. It is from the tests on these animals that the problems associated with cloning can be clearly identified. Data on the reproductive cloning of animals demonstrates that only a small percentage of attempts are successful with many of the clones actually dieing before birth. This occurs at all stages of gestation and those that survive frequently encounter severe birth defects. Newborn clones are often abnormal or die soon after birth. In addition, the female carrying the cloned unborn face serious risks, including death, from cloning-related complications.

The proposed ban on human cloning should be reviewed within five years. The ban should only be reconsidered if new scientific evidence indicates that the procedure is safe and effective and if all the social, religious, and ethical issues suggest that reconsideration is warranted.

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Enforcing a ban that carries major penalties would be the best way to discourage human reproductive cloning experiments in both the public and private sectors. A voluntary measure is unlikely to be effective, because many of the technologies needed to accomplish human reproductive cloning, are widely accessible in private fertility clinics and other organisations that are not subject to federal regulations.

There are many arguments for and against human reproductive cloning. I along with most of society however, believe that it is both ethically, morally and socially incorrect. A ban on cloning should be put in place and strict penalties enforced on anyone breaking this ban.

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