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In my entire family, it would be hard to find a person that didn’t participate in some type of sport in their life. Trying to stay on the same page as the rest of my family, I started playing sports at the age of 7. Throughout my years, I have ventured into a few sports and, at one time, liked them all as much as the other but, as time went on, I began concentrating only on football. Even though I continued to run track, football became my favorite sport and the only sport that I have continued to love.

When I first started playing sports, baseball was my favorite sport. I did not become interested in playing football until my Mom and Dad talked me into playing. My Mom used to tell me how the first place I went after I was born was my brothers’ football game and that one of my first words had been “Touchdown.” I was also given a little trophy from my brother’s team the year I was born. I eventually gave in and my Dad signed me up to play football at Welcome All Park. After playing my first season, I liked football but baseball was still my favorite. I was a big fan of Negro League pitcher Satchel Paige so I tried pitching, but the position I usually played in baseball was short stop. I was not a horrible pitcher; I was just better at playing short stop.

Not too long after I started playing football, I started to get into basketball. Like the other two sports I played, basketball came very naturally to me. I was not the best player in my age group but I was still pretty good at the game and I liked to play. Basketball soon became part of the year round activities that I participated in. Now I do not play basketball as much as I used to but I can hold my own on the court. Not to long ago, my brother and I played a little one on one and I “put it to ‘em.” The “big brother always wins” curse does not apply to me anymore. I put that to rest.

During summer my sister and I ran track at East Point. Track was fun because we got a chance to travel a lot. I did not really become good at running until I got into High School but I was part of two relay teams that went to the Nationals. Going to Nationals was a lot of fun because we always went to places we had never been before. One year we went to run in New Orleans and got to go to the Superdome and see a lot of New Orleans. Even though I ran, I was never really a big fan of running track. It was fun traveling with friends and there were a lot of fine girls that ran track and not much as changed since then. I still get to travel to great places and the girls are still fine.

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When I finished elementary school, I quit playing baseball because it got boring. I guess I got tired of all the standing around and sitting in the dugout. The game was too slow and it could not compete with all the action that football had. I do not have a really good reason why I stopped playing basketball; I guess I quit basketball because I did not enjoy it as much as football. I liked basketball but it still did not give me the excitement that football gave me. When I entered middle school I was only running track and playing football. I doubt that I would have been able to keep up in every sport if I played them all in high school. I do not think I would have liked to try to juggle all of those sports in one year.

When I played football in high school, I was a lot like most of the other players that play on the team here. I had the most talent and I was a starter when I was a freshmen. My first two years of high school football were rough because of “bad coaching” but everything picked up by my junior year. In my junior year, my high school hired a new coach. That coach came in and turned our football program around from a losing program to a program that was in position to win a region title. That year was not a good year for me because every game I played in, I played with a crack in my arm. I had broken it during the spring and when football season came around I broke it again in the first game. We finished the season with a 7-4 record and a trip to the second round of the state playoffs.

My senior season was not the season I had hoped for but it was still a good season. It did not start off the way I wanted it to because I did not get voted to be apart of the “Super 11” team for my area. That probably happened because I only played 5 full games in my junior season. By most standards, the stats I had my senior year were great but I still think that I could have done better. My team had the best season in the school’s history. We had a 10-0 record in the regular season and we won the school’s first football region championship. Unfortunately, my dreams of a state championship were shattered in the second round of the playoffs. I still have not watched the film of that game because I was so mad about it. I will probably watch it the next time I get a chance.

I have played a lot of sports throughout my life but none have kept me hooked like football. Football is a game that I will always love and always try to be involved in. Now that I am at Samford, I plan on continuing the great times that I have had playing football throughout the years. Hopefully, I will contribute more to the Samford football team than I did to my team in high school. I have been playing football for a long time and I do not plan to stop playing anytime in the near future,

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