Friday, April 20, 2012

On Writing and Not Being Able to Write

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There is no point to write if your writing has no point. I have no point, and yet I am still letting the hapless words flood the page, sliding onto the paper like some rabid monk. And, wait, I think I stole that off somewhere. Which is very likely, considering the time I spend getting westernized. Westernized, because Americanized sounds too provincial, and nobody wants to be provincial. And it’s also because I am Canadian. Somehow the adjective ‘Canadian’ lends a pastoral and idyllic, but also, inevitably, mockingly subordinate meaning to any word or phrase it precedes. But to get to my non-existent point, that transcends the understanding of Canada geese. However, I’ll have to digress from this topic or else I would have to change the title of this nonsensical piece of writing to “Canadian? Inferior? Where Have You Been! ” Venting one’s anger through writing is something to be seen only from a diary-keeper. I used to love writing poetry. The fictional meter, rhyme and careful use of diction is something to be almost addicted to. It was like building a castle of cards painstakingly assembling the words into a quivering and delicate whole, and prone to inadvertently knock the meaning out of it with one wayward breath. It does not survive well, poetry. As one comes across a poetry quiz in school, seldom is the happy student who can detect all its subtleties without starting to invent and to blur the lines between reality and fiction. Maybe its because I love poetry so much that I have started to look for structure and rhythm in everyday life. Lines from the poems of my personal Fab Three, namely Edgar Allan Poe, James Joyce, and Robert Frost, run through my head, knocking any angularities of life out of the way and replacing them with a pervading sense of peace.

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