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parking lot controversey

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Parking Lot Controversy

Campus Issues are common at many colleges. At Monmouth University, one main concern is parking. Many people try to resolve the issues, but these problems still occur. Students know that there are not enough parking spaces on campus, and to get to their classes, takes longer to walk than to drive. One solution is that something should be done with the parking lot. The parking lot should be made bigger for those who live on campus or the commuter lot should be split in half. If the commuter lot was split in half, then half would be for the commuters and half would be for the residents.

Many people pay an enormous amount of money to attend Monmouth University. Students should be able to park closer to classes. It is not fair for students to walk in the freezing cold weather. Commuters only walk from the parking lot to their classroom. When residents walk to their classes, it takes about ten or fifteen minutes. They walk in the cold weather and then walk into a warm building. This results in the students getting sick. When there is rainy weather, many students do not go to their classes, because they do not want to walk in the rain. By making a bigger lot closer to classes, or splitting the commuter lot, students will attend many more classes. If the commuter lot was split, then there would have to be another lot for the rest of the commuters. Therefore, the residents have a chance to park closer to classes.

Another reason why a bigger lot or splitting the commuter lot should be put into effect is the commuter students obliviously do not have to drive very far to get to school. Why do they get to park closer? There are some complaints that people are parking near the dorms that should not be, but not nearly as much as students parking over near their classes. The commuters do not pay as much money as residents students do to attend school. It would be a lot easier if residents were able to drive to classes. If there were another lot, or the lot were bigger, then students would make it to class on time. Many students do not even bother to go to class if they are late. If the commuter lot was split in half, then half would be residents and half would be commuters. It would give a chance for many residents to drive to the other side of campus, which they do not have that opportunity for now. It is not fair when a resident student has class until 1000 p.m or a student is in the gym and has to walk back late at night in the freezing cold weather. It is not safe. It is too cold in the middle of winter. This winter has been an exceptionally cold winter. Building a bigger lot where resident students could park would be a great thing for many students.

As of now, many of the resident students try to park in the commuter lot closer to their classes. Although they are getting tickets, they continue to park there to get away from walking in the cold, rain, and snow. Building another bigger lot or splitting the lot in half, would help the Monmouth University Police. They patrol the lots and have to write an enormous amount of tickets because students are parking in the wrong place. It would be an easier job for them. If there were spots for the resident students, the amount of tickets that were written would be reduced.

Campus Issues are problems that colleges experience every year. A problem that occurs every year is with the parking lot. Many students feel that it is not fair to have to walk back and forth to classes in weather conditions. One proposal is to build another bigger parking lot or split the commuter lot in half. Doing such things would resolve the issue of parking on campus.

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