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sentence completion

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The first part of the sentence is a statement the more severe an inherited disease is, the more

likely it is that the genes causing it will be eliminated by natural selection. The word

consequently suggests that the missing words must, together, make a statement in keeping with

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this assumption. A is the correct answer. A disease that is lethal is very severe. Because,

according to the statement, the most severe diseases are likely to be most strongly acted against

and are therefore least likely to recur, one would expect lethal diseases to be very rare. B is

incorrect. It is possible that diseases that are untreated would be dangerous, but the first part of

the sentence suggests that the expectation concerns the elimination of hereditary diseases, not their

dangerousness. C is also incorrect. There is no information in the sentence that suggests that the

more unusual a disease is, the more unusual a disease is, the more refractory (resistant to

treatment) it will be. D is not the correct answer. It is not unlikely that new hereditary diseases

would be perplexing, but the first part of the sentence suggests that the expectation concerns the

elimination of hereditary diseases, not whether they are perplexing. E, the last choice, is not the

correct answer. The idea that widespread diseases are acute does not follow from the

statement give. Rather, the opposite would be expected, given the assumption.

Answer (A)

. Although ancient tools were----preserved, enough have survived to allow us to demonstrate an

occasionally interrupted but generally----progress through prehistory.

(A) partially.. noticeable

(B) superficially.. necessary

(C) unwittingly.. documented

(D) rarely.. continual

(E) needlessly.. incessant


The first missing word describes how ancient tools were preserved. The phrase enough have

survived indicates that not all survived, and the word Although indicates that the tools were

preserved in a way that would not lead you to expect enough to survive. The second missing word

describes a progress through prehistory. The word but suggests that the word that fills the

second blank must contrast with the idea of occasional interruption.

D is the correct answer. It is logical to say that enough tools have survived in spite of their being

rarely preserved. A continual progress contrasts with one that is occasionally interrupted.

Answer (D)

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