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User Model

This database is designed for students in the SLIS who have taken LIBR0 for their continued use during their program. The students will use this database to further their knowledge of information retrieval. Students will be conducting formalized queries. At this level the students are able to articulate the problem clearly.

The types of queries the students will pose will be mainly that of topics and methods of information retrieval. The articles were indexed generously, due to the many ways the student will be researching. The facets of the articles that need to be indexed are terms that are synonymous with information retrieval and the aspects of information retrieval.

Subject Headings Rules

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Our method of design for the 0 database involves the use of subject headings and subdivisions to combine a number of different topics. These combinations can be in no more than two terms a heading and subheading. All terms come from the controlled vocabulary of ERIC descriptors. Terms can be strung together according to the following rules

· The Heading will always be a topic

The heading of the precoordinate term will always contain a topic of the article

· Topics can be subheadings

· Subheadings can also contain topical descriptors in relation to the topic described by the heading if they provide further classification on the field

· A Heading can also be a subheading

Once designated as a heading, an ERIC descriptor can also be utilized as a sub-heading

· Form will always be a subheading, not a heading

The method of presentation of the information, and the way of gathering it, (form) will always be listed as a subheading, and cannot be the main topic of the article

· System names can either be a heading or a subheading

Names of systems mentioned in this database refer to methods of information retrieval, and can either be a heading, if it is the topic of the article, or a subheading, if it refers to a topic presented in the article

· Geography can either be a heading or a subheading

Similar to the LCSH rules on geographic subdivision, topical subject headings can be further delineated by geographic subheadings, or geographic headings may be linked to a topic subheading. A geographic term can only be in the heading of the precoordinate term if it is also the subject (topic) of the article.


Searching the terms cognition, cognitive processes, and cogniti the results are displayed below.


Title Abstract ERIC Preco

11.5% 00% 11.5% 00%

Cognitive Processes

Title Abstract ERIC Preco

00% 11.5% 56.5% 00%


Title Abstract ERIC Preco

450% 450% 8100% 675%

There were eight articles in this database that were relevant to the terms cognition and cognitive processes. For precision see the above charts.

After creating the preco terms and searching some changes should be made. It is very difficult to create preco terms. In trying to be generous so that precision would be high almost every heading became a subheading and vice versa. In the three searches conducted on cognition, using a truncated version of cognitive (cogniti) provided the most precision. In addition using a truncated word was the only way in which abstracts were found in the preco field. This leads us to believe that when searching a preco field it is more beneficial to have more than one word to search since in this database the preco field is searched by term rather than words. Using a truncated version of a word left the rest of the phrase open to find abstracts in the preco field.

If this exercise had to be done over, I would choose to have someone other than myself create the preco field. The errors in this section came from me trying to create my preco terms so that my search would be successful, rather than being concerned with the other people would search this database. As we learned in this class, this can be a problem. When the creators of the preco fields take into account what they would be looking for rather than the user model.

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