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There are plenty of reasons why millions of woman of various ages throughout the world have abortions. Abortion is an extremely controversial topic with a lot of people supporting both sides. Many people such as religious fanatics appose the procedure and believe it is the same as murdering a child. Although there is a strong opinion that a fetus in its first 4 weeks of development does not have feelings or the ability to process a thought through it’s undeveloped brain.

It has been shown that there is a link between abortions and crime rates throughout North America. Since the legislation of abortion, crime rates have significantly dropped, the reason for this is that a majority of those aborted fetuses would have been born into poverty and thus more likely to become drug users and criminals. Abortion could possibly be responsible for half the drop of crime rates since 11. These statistics have never been proven to the degree of certainty a scientist might demand. However, there is proof that shows states that legalized abortion before 17 had their crime rates drop sooner than others.

Even with those statistics showing the extreme benefits of abortion, some people are still opposed to it because they thing that abortions are immoral because the mother deprives the fetus of a future and is not giving it a chance of life. Another reason why people are against abortion is because they believe the baby can still be adopted and live a full life with parents who want and love him or her. Statistics show that people who are not religious are .5 to 4 times more likely tog et an abortion.

There are lots of reasons why women have abortions, one might be because they are mentally unprepared to raise and care for a young child. They may be too young themselves to look after a baby financially, and having it would end their education. Another reason why young women terminate their pregnancies is because it may be against their religion to have a child in their current situation whate4er it may be. Sometimes people have abortions for more uncommon reasons like the actual baby itself. In Northern Island, abortion is only allowed if doctors agree that the continuation of a pregnancy would put the mothers life at risk, in this case they have up until the 4th week to go through with the procedure. Now with modern technology, a woman can find out almost anything about their un-born child. This means they can find out if the baby has a serious disability, and then the woman can make her choice from there.

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Abortion is a very controversial topic which to argue strong point of support must be raised Although I believe in pro-abortion I do see the apposing sides point. There are many reasons why woman vs clinics and they vary with each case. In support of abortion clinics should be widely spread with support groups for those who under went the surgery. Abortion is a serious decision which should not be decided upon without much thought. It also changes a woman’s life forever. For whatever reason she went through with it a woman should not be scrutinized against because of a decision she made regarding her own body.

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