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apples and oranges

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Sammy Copper

8 September 00

Apples and Oranges

A long time ago there was a saying that stated that you couldn’t compare apples and oranges. Then arose the famous question of why? What crazy event took place to create such a ridicules saying. The saying about apples and oranges is clearly correct in its statement. Apples and oranges can’t be compared. They have nothing in common. And yet after thinking about this wild statement about apples and oranges, I found that apple and oranges do indeed have many similarities between them.

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For starters both apples and oranges are fruits. They have a striking similarly with the nutritional value. Each possesses a wide range of minerals and vitamins. They are considered to be an excellent source of fiber, are low in calories and fat and are a good source of carbohydrates.

Apple and oranges are harvested in the different seasons. Apple become ripe and tastes the best in the fall, where on the other hand oranges are best eaten in the early summer but the way in which they are harvested is the same. Both require large agricultural work force to individually pick each fruit straight from the tree, and hundreds of acres are needed to supply every state in America with fresh apples or oranges.

Apples and oranges both make great fruit juices. Apples are washed, cut, and then smashed and squeezed in giant presses to make apple juice. There are different types of apple juice that can be found in the supermarket. There are apple juices that have been sweetened, juices that are natural, juices from concentrates and of course those famous little fruit boxes used in kid’s lunch boxes. Apple juice is more often than not made from concentrate and can also canned in frozen concentrate and set up so you just have to add water. The same holds true for orange juice. Oranges are squeezed and its juice then bottled. Companies sweeten their orange juice to help sell kid fruit boxes. OJ can be concentrated, frozen or preservative free just like apple juice. The major difference between the two juices is that orange juice can have pulp and can be bottled as low pulp, regular, and high pulp. Apple juice has no pulp; all types are a slight tea-color liquid. Also orange juice always needs to be refrigerated and apple juice can stay at room temp and remain good until opened. Fruit juice is not the only type comparison that can be made.

Apples and ranges are both edible right off the trees they grown on. Apples and oranges both have skins. The apple’s skin can be eaten and same with an orange but most people discard the skins of an orange because of its bitter taste. Oranges don’t require washing cause any dirt will be removed by peeling of the skin away, however apples should be washed when eating the skin. Both fruits have seeds, which are edible but usually not eaten, and both have stems in which they grew but oranges loose their stems after they are picked, while the apples stems are the main characteristic of the apple.

The types of food that are made from the two can widely differ. Apples are famous in pies, applesauce, squares, and butter. The orange is famous in flavoring everything from candy to muffins and are the main ingredient in making marmalade.

A visual comparison of the two fruit can be tricky as well. Both have a round geometry to themselves. They are both about the size of a human fist. After at looking at a black and white photo of an Fuji apples and Naval orange side by side I found it to be a real challenge identifying the two from one another.

Not only was this comparison easy to make, but also it is apparent from my discussion above that apples and oranges are indeed very similar. Thus, it seems obvious that the comparison of apples and oranges defense should no longer be considered valid. Obviously, apples and oranges don’t taste or feel the same or even have the some color. Leading you to the conclusion that apple and orange cannot be compared. Yet, the can be. As to the reason why the saying about apples and oranges came about in the first place will remain a mystery.

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