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What if you could end starvation, help a parent of a child who is dying from a fatal disease like multiple sclerosis, or even create independent organs from a single tohelp diseased person cloning can make these ideals possible.

purpose of my speech is to ppersuade genetic engineering and cloning research should not be banned. history of clonning began inthe early fifties and sixties to help find a cure for many disease instead they found that it caused many decects and mutations of genes. many religios leader will argue that ther is a moral issue behind this because only God can give life and take it away and who are we to play around with life,the reason some think that cloning would be a benifit to human life is because it will help cure cancers and othe dibilitating disease. I feel that progress and advancement is good for the human population. the problem regarding the science of genetic engineering and cloning is tha our perception of the subject are inaccurate because of misconceptions of the media. foe example the movie jurassic park species escaped and caused havoc hollywood and the media represent cloning as scary to science fiction. based on the book cloning fronteirs of genetic enginerring by Dacvid Jeferies cloning began long ago but has only come to the worlds attention within the past few years. Try to visualize what parents of a dying child would benifit do they think it is morally wrong? they would thingk it is morally right to save this childs life. not to long ago americans viewed artifical insemination as discusting heart transplants were scorned and x-rays were considered witch craft today we do not think twice about babies being born in a test tube.imagin a future when bioengineers will be able to replace a cancer or defective gene with a gene that does not have a error or defective code organ transplant list would be no more this is much better in waiting on the grim hope of someone dying every scince the begining of science man has been afraid of the unknown space travling and flying had not been fully accepted until the 0th century we should realize the possibilities the evolution of science for future generations

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