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Hamlet Scenes

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Act IV Scene vii

5. a) Show that Laertes’ cause parallels that of Hamlet?

Just like Hamlet Laertes is not easily or quickly controlled. This is shown when he questions Claudius about everything, until he is fully convinced that Hamlet, not Claudius, is guilty of murdering his father. Claudius then convinces Laertes to have a fencing match with Hamlet, in which the blade of Laertes will be left uncovered. Fearful he may not strike a death blow, Laertes suggests poisoning the tip of the sword so that a mere scratch will be fatal to Hamlet; it is obvious that he has no moral

scruples like the Prince. As well Hamlet and Laertes want revenge eagerly both of them want revenge for their fathers. Also they want revenge for the women in the play Laertes wants to revenge Hamlet for Ophelia and Hamlet want to revenge Claudius for Gertitude. Both of the care for Ophelia.

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b) How do their reactions provide a contrast between them?

When both Hamlet and Laertes hear of the death of the close one and know that someone in the court yard has done that deed. They immediately want revenge to kill the person that has committed the murder. Furthermore in their conversations with the King neither of them seem to trust Claudius completely.

c) How do you account for the difference in their reaction?

The obvious and major difference is that Laertes takes the chance he has for revenge immediately, but Hamlet on the other side does hesitate to kill his enemy.

6. a) What qualities of Claudius are brought out in this scene?

The quality that is brought out in Claudius is his ability to manipulate people to come to his side. The plot to use poison on the unfoiled rapier and poison in the drink. The scheme is devious and deceitful which is typical of Claudius. It is also revealed that he is a cunning, power hungry and unscrupulous schemer who will have his own way at any price. Further more with that he is also intelligent and knows how to act in certain situations. During the play he almost never showed his weakness.

b) What qualities of Laertes are brought out in this scene?

In this scene the readers opinion of Laertes changes completely. His revengeful side is shown, when he is blood thirsty to get revenge on Hamlet. As well it is shown that he is easily manipulated, and this is proven when the king convinces him to murder Hamlet in the fencing duel. Laertes’ soft side is also shown when he starts weeping over his sister’s death. This showed that he truly did care for his younger sister Ophelia. Not only does Laertes readily fall in with the king’s dishonorable suggestion that he could choose “a sword unbated”, but in order to make victory and vengeance doubly sure, he further stains his knightly honor by tipping this sword with poison. He shows his contrast to his careless antagonist, who, “most generous and free from all contriving, will not peruse the foils”

c) What qualities of Gertitude are brought out in this scene?

Although the Queen is a devoted mother to Hamlet, she is a weak-willed woman who seems to walk blindly through life. She is always depicted as a passive being, never acting on her own. Her care for Ophelia is brought out.

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