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Essay Topic # 11 “Free Topic”

For my free topic I am choosing to write about my puppy Lucy. We got Lucy

when she was months old for the shelter in Ford Ord. Lucy is a German Sheppard, lab,

ridgeback mix. She was also in there with a black lab. At that time we weren’t sure

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which puppy we wanted, so we went to ask the clerk lady if either of the dogs were up for

adoption and she told us that only the brown one was because the other puppy had

already found a home. So we decided that we loved the brown one, it was a little bigger

then the black one but we couldn’t resist getting a new puppy.

Later on that day we took Lucy home. She weighed only about 6 pounds; she was

so small and cuddly. At first when we arrived at home she was whining a lot, we thought

she was just whining because she’s a puppy and most puppies do that when they are

brought to a new place. Later on that night Lucy started having the hiccups, we thought it

was just because maybe she ate something bad or she just wasn’t feeling well. We

decided to call up the veterinarian and ask what were the symptoms for tape worm, she

then told us that it consisted of hiccup’s and that it’s a common things for puppies to have

after not being tested for any disease in the shelter. So we made an appointment with the

doctors and brought here in. The last thing that was on our mind is that she could be so

sick that she wouldn’t be able to live any longer. We had many blood tests done on Lucy

because they thought she had a disease that puppy’s get that attacks their intestines and

causes everything to shut down and kill the dog. We thought for sure because she was

never active and was always throwing up. We found out about an hour later that it was a

very bad case of tape worms and we needed to give her medicine at all times so that the

worms would be out of her system in order for her to grow up a healthy dog.

Lucy was perfectly happy and active after we had given her medication for a

series of 4 to 5 weeks. We were out playing with her and she was picking up everything

we had tried to teach her some what well. She did have a jumping problem which all

puppies do, she also loved to play bite, but at the time she had some pretty sharp teeth.

Since she was a puppy we wanted to start everything early so we started giving her baths

and cutting her nails and putting medication into her ears so that she would be used to it

when she was older. She adapted to the bathing but the ear and cutting of the toe nails she

didn’t go for. She hated the cutting of the toe nails because she whined every time we cut

one. She got used to it though after awhile. She took everything well but she still to this

day doesn’t care for the ear drops. Lucy very much enjoyed her baths but she also wanted

to go and play in the dirt after she was finished bathing. She tore up some things, but

what puppies don’t. We also have another dog that has been living with us for awhile,

and Max (which is the other dog) didn’t care for Lucy at first because max thought that

Lucy was going to take over the house and that we wouldn’t pay attention to max any

longer. At first that was true because Lucy was a puppy and of course everyone is going

to want to play with the puppy other then the older dog because the puppy is new to the

family. So max was very jealous at first, but then Max really took a liking to Lucy. They

would play for hours and hours until they each feel asleep next to each other. They soon

became best friends. Max loves Lucy now and max also knows that he was here first and

in order to show him that we always pay attention to max when we get home and not

Lucy and then we also feed max before we feed Lucy so that he knows he was the first

one to be in the house. Lucy is now 7 months old and we have her in training now (which

we should have done when she was about 4 months). But everything is working out great

taking slow steps at a time so that she understand what she is taught to do and how she is

able to listen to her owner and obey commands.

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