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Michael Dell and His Success

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“Michael Dell of Dell computers started building his first computers when he was 16 years of age,”explains FSB Magazine. He bought an Apple II computer and took it apart and learned about how computers worked. After that he would go into upgrading his friends computers for profit. Michael would later drop out of University of Texas as premed student to open a small office and upgrade computers. Since then the company has been growing at an incredible rate. Dell has crushed the competitions, such as HP by showing by proving that success is in one key ingredient.

Customers come first in Michael Dell’s book. The reason he is in business and constant growth is due to his companies success to get customer feedback and improve the company on daily bases. By listening to his customer Dell has proved that they are in business for one reason only to keep the customer satisfied. This belief is something, one can understand, because every company is in business with direct respect to its customers. So by gaining customer feedback and keeping up with customer needs, Dell has been able to outperform the competition. While the competition strives to make better computers, Dell was striving to make computer experience better for the customer. However, Michael believes that this type of service is not free and one needs to pay for the convenience of the excellent service that Dell provides.

To provide such customer service oriented business, it may safe to say that Dell’s management of the company is excellent. They have their technicians listen in on sales calls and customer service calls. The management wants to make sure that everyone in the company is striving for the same goal making the customer happy. All personal in the company know that they have a job because they have happy customers and they will continue to have a job, better pay, and stock options as long as those customers stay happy. When asked of Michael, have you perfected customer service, he said they had not perfected anything and that they do no belive in perfection. Dell believes that they can only improve and become better. Armed with this type of modo, Dell is slowly moving to the wireless internet market, which is where they see their customers peak interest seem to be.

For any company to continually experience growth and profit, their main business needs to be keeping the customer happy. No company has experienced success by not delivering exceptional customer service. They say patience is a virtue and to have patience with customer and hear their needs, virtue or profit will be the guaranteed reward.

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