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Jeremiah Blackmon


English 101

0 October 00

A Life Changing Event

One year ago this week was the worst event that has ever taken place in my life. I wrecked the car I had put five years of hard work into. This event changed my life for the better in a rough way. The crash caused the car to flip seven times at 85 mph and in the process it threw me from the car. After the crash I have realized my place in this world. I couldn’t live my life based on materialistic things.

On October 1, 00, I had just gotten my 16 Chevelle back from the transmission shop after building the new motor for the car. I had saved for over a year to install the new drive-train in it. The sole purpose of the new motor was race only. Early on in the afternoon I fueled up and washed it at the car wash. It was there when I met up with a friend of mine who wanted to ride in the car with the new motor. So I took him to his house to show his parents my cool ride. There I showed off my most prized possession off to my friends parents. Then I proceeded to take him back to his car. It was then when I was showing out for him and an older lady pulled out as I sped down the narrow road. I lost control and the car rolled over seven times before flinging me and him both out of the vehicle.

Due to the severity of my injuries, I had to be hauled in the back of a pick up truck to the emergency room. It took 150 staples to close the open wound on my head. Luckily my friend sustained no injuries. The wreck was painful but what hurt more was the fact the my friend didn’t come see me in the hospital. He and I haven’t spoken since the accident. On the other hand, numerous amounts of other close friends went to the hospital that night and waited until the could come see me after I was in stable condition.

I had to deal with numerous amounts of personal dilemmas in my life after that day. The car was everything that I had lived for, for so long. I worked on it for five years of my life. Suddenly, I lost it and a good friend too. My dad despised me for wrecking my car and wouldn’t help me purchase another. I was enrolled at BSCC, and yet I couldn’t finish my semester up. My life went from almost completely perfect to almost completely ruined.

I had lost everything precious to me yet I had everything to gain. I was at a stage in life where I had to make the decision to quit playing and start working. I had a future to think about instead of a car. The wreck almost killed me, but it gave me a new life. It was time to give up the materialistic aspect of my life and concentrate on getting a fulfilling education.


I. Introduction

A. Life changing event

B. Car crash

II. The wreck

A. New parts

B. Friends house

C. The car crash

III. Injuries

A. Severity of my crash

B. Losing the car

C. Losing a friend

IV. Personal Dilemmas

A. Father

B. Losing car

C. Dropping classes

V. Conclusion

A. Restate of thesis

B. Giving up materials

C. Striving to gain education

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