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Pro death penalty

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Costs and 100% of no repeat crime.

Introduction In this day and age everything is about how much money something costs. Government programs are being cut in other to help fund others. Public Education budgets are the lowest in years. A big reason why our federal government is running a huge deficit is because of the growing number of funds needed to fuel our prison systems. Even though more money then ever is being poured into our prison systems to build additional prisons its just is not enough. Correctional officers are being laid off because the money that used to set aside to pay for their salary is now being paid to build bigger prisons. One way to help save money to help save jobs and give more money to our education system is to give the death penalty to criminals instead of giving them life sentences.

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There is a claim that states that between the many appeals involved and the actual act that its more expensive for states to execute a criminal then to incarcerate him for life. This simple is not true. In an independent study by Time magazine, the average LIFETIME criminal faces on average around 0 to 40 years in prison. The study also provides information on the costs of housing these criminals. Time magazine on found that it costs between 5,000 dollars a year to house a criminal in a average cell and it costs upwards of 75,000 dollars to house a dangerous criminal in a maximum security prison. Do the math and you get a low of a million dollars and a high of million dollars to house criminals for the average sentences they will be receiving. Even these numbers as high as they are, are a bit misleading. These costs do not account for additions to prison has to make in order to have room to house all the criminals. So in fact, it costs even more.

The study also shows how much on average it costs to incarcerate a criminal on death row. It costs between the different appeals and the actual incarceration 60,000 dollars a year. With the average inmate on death row for 10 years, it would cost around 600,000 dollars plus the execution that runs on average around $50,000. So in contrast it costs anywhere from 400,000 to over million dollars more to house a criminal for a life sentence a prisoner who is on death row. A common response from someone who denounces the death penalty on the extra cost is that it involved to house a criminal for life is that its worth it because its morally right not the harm another human being. My next argument will prove that, that belief is most likely missed placed.

Conclusion In order to help enrich the lives of our law abiding citizens I believe we should give murders their just desert and when decided by a jury, the criminals who are found guilty of murder should be executed.


Intro Not even the most fanatical enemy of the death penalty can deny that a carried out death penalty means a definite stop of new crimes committee by the convict. A dead violent criminal can do no more harm to any other human being. They can no longer murder, rape fulfill any other violent acts.

Many people may object with this by saying that a lifetime in prison will do the same thing however this is wrong by the following reasons.

1. As stated in my earlier argument a lifetime in prison does not mean a “Lifetime”. It’s a certain number of years in prison, and there has been numerous stories of murders once out of jail repeating their old ways.

. If there is an escape from the prison, the person usually resorts to new crimes to make by once they are on the outside

. Because of overcrowded prisons, many inmates have resorted to violence to get the items that are in short supply in the prison. In the forefront of these actions are criminals who have “Lifetime” sentences. A survey of a North Carolina state prison by USA today in the mid 0’s reported the lifetime criminals felt that they had nothing to loose by committing the violent actions they were committing. The warden quoted by saying that they cannot separate the prisoners because of the over crowdedness of his prison.

4. There have also been stories of dangerous and violent criminals manipulating the courts in order to get a parole and probation. Only to seek revenge on the person or people who sent them their in the first place.

There is an efficient way of ending this meaningless spiral of crime where the most ruthless criminals can commit new crimes, and it is when there is a consistent use of the death penalty.

We would then have a slightly kinder world to live in with a little fewer crimes.

Conclusion Every dedicated enemy of the death penalty who is part of and actively sustains a judicial system that excludes the capital punishment can be said to have bloodstained hands. Since the capital punishment was abolished in Western Europe, injury or death has victimized many thousands of innocent people, and even more relatives to these victims have suffered. This is because of a legal system that makes it possible for murderers and violent criminals to commit new heinous crimes.

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