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Symbolism in Lord of the Flies

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There are many examples of symbolism in the book, Lord of the Flies. I will explore several examples of symbolism.

The first symbol is the island. The island represents isolation. It means isolation, because they are alone on the island in the middle of an ocean without other people or human amenities.

The second symbol is Piggys glasses. His glasses make fire. This stands for power because fire is an extremely useful, but dangerous force. The glasses represent power because they have the ability to save them and get them off the island.

The third symbol is fire. The bon fire they maintain represents their hope of being rescued and being saved from certain death. The fire also represents hope. Hope of being rescued from the isolated island.

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The fourth example of symbolism is the conch. It represents civility and organization. It controls all the boys from talking at the same time. The conch stands for unity because when the conch is blown the boys stop whatever they are doing and unite as a group. The conch also represents civilized order. It prevents the boys from fighting and arguing so that they maintain an acceptable order.

The first pig is also a symbol in the book. It represents the boys on the island. It is stuck in the creepers almost like the boys are trapped on the island, but the pig breaks free from the creepers and thats like the boys eventually being rescued.

The pigs head on the stick is also a symbol. It stands for the boys totally accepting themselves becoming savages. It also stands for the fear and the evil we all have inside of us.

Finally, the Beastie is a symbol of fear. The boys fear death and starvation. It also stands for their loss of reason, like when they see the Beastie, they charge at it and kill it. If they didnt lose their sense of reasoning, they would have taken the time to investigate. If they would have investigated, they would have seen that they were attacking Simon and not the Beastie.

These are just a few of the many examples of symbolisn in Lord of the Flies.

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