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The Lottery

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Television in American Society

Since the fifties, television has become a major aspect in most Americans lives. Today there is cable, digital cable, and satellite. Brand names include Sony, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, and Sanyo. Television programs vary from game shows to reality T.V., from sitcoms to soap operas, all of which get their fair share of watchers. Although many would argue that T.V. rots influential minds and shortens attention spans, it inarguably has its positive elements.

Americans not only have the right, but the need to know whats happening in their society, and the fastest means is through television. Especially during a war, knowledge is in high demand. T.V. has made is possible for awareness about top criminals lurking the country through shows like Americas Most Wanted. News programs inform the country on pressing matters such as natural disasters, court rulings, the weather, even the best places to eat in town. Humans feel it necessary to know everything, and due to impatience, as fast as humanly possible, T.V. enables that to happen.

Capitalism, the true axis behind our country is fueled by commerce. In order to make the wheel of economy go round, purchases need to be made. People are inspired to make purchases through the art of commercials, Commercials inform Americans about things they never knew about but couldnt live without. The U.S. thrives on Darwins theory of survival of the fittest, where the weak get crushed and the monopolies become more powerful. This is made possible through the ability to advertise, especially on T.V. Its one million dollars per thirty seconds of airtime during the super bowl. That sum is gladly paid by giants of the telemarketing world. It may seem like fierce competition, but America is the most powerful country in the world for some reason, and it seems to work.

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Currently, its the age of all play and no work. People need to enhance their minds in other ways than redundant occupations. Sometimes citizens just need to zone out for a while watching mindless late-night shows on the tube just for relaxation. Since careers can be made of simply appeasing others, entertainment has come to dictate society. Fashion, music, everything is revealed to Americans through the entertaining world of television. Entertainment plays a huge role in Americas society.

Many viewers dont realize the effect television has on their everyday lives. Most dont read the paper anymore, so all their news relies on the tube. If people dont get magazines how are businesses supposed to inform buyers of their product? And if bored on a Saturday night and short on cash, its guaranteed theres a good movie on T.V. As sad as it may sound, television has molded the lives of most in this country and surprisingly in a positive way.

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