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Unchanged, Unchanging

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Unchanged, Unchanging.

To state that people continue on an unchanged and unchanging journey is of course absurd and preposterous in almost all circumstances. Various composers today have created texts which express and emphasise the concept that change is ever present in our world.

Composers such as Skrzynecki, Hulub, Robert, Vellis and the Wachowski brothers all display texts in which change and changing perspectives are examined in a variety of ways. In context, there is substantial evidence in the texts which supports the concepts that change is undeniable and unstoppable.

Text 1 “Crossing The Red Sea” by Peter Skrzynecki

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Right away we see change. In the title “Crossing The Red Sea” the word crossing represent change, changing from one place to another.

There is also a change in time. In the first stanza it is the afternoon, the sun is setting and the people are discussing their past. In the fourth stanza it is night time and the peoples perspective on life has changed as they dream of a better life in their uncertain future. In the fifth stanza it is dawn and peoples perspectives change again as they awake from their dreams.

“Daybreak took away

The magic of dreams.”

But of course the biggest change would have to be where the poem is set on a migrant boat travelling from their homeland to Australia. They are going to the other side of the world, to a country where they don’t speak the language or understand the culture.

Text “10 Mary Street” also by Peter Skrznecki.

Within the first couple of lines change is outlined.

“We departed each morning, shut the house”

This represent change in several ways. One he departs the house, changing location but also a change in cultures, leaving his European culture at home and moving out into the Australian culture.

“We lived together -

Kept pre-war Europe alive

With photographs and letters,

Heated discussions

And embracing gestures

Visitors that ate

Kielbasa, salt herrings

And rye bread, drank

Raw vodka or cherry brandy

And smoked like

A dozen puffing billies.”

Later Skrznecki is looking to the future and what will happen when the house is pulled down.

“Inheritors of a key

That’ll open no door

When this one’s pulled down.”

Text “Post Card” again by Peter Skrznecki.

In the beginning Skrnecki is speaking as if it is a photograph which of course it is.

“Red buses on a bridge

Emerging from a corner-

High-rise flats and something

Like a park borders

The river with its concrete pylons.

The sky’s the brightest shade.

Then his tone changes and he speaks as if it is a place.

“Warsaw, Old town,

I never new you

Excepted in the third person-

Great city

That bombs destroyed.”

His tone again changes and he speaks as it is a person.

“I repeat, I never new you,

Let me be.”

“And refuse to answer

The voices of the red gables.”

“A lone tree


“We will meet

Before you die.”

The way he relates to the postcard changes from a photographic image to a place to a person.

Text 4 “The Door” by Mroslav Holub..

What is outside the “Door” will continually change - because of the responders frame of mind, because of the social context in which the “Door” is opened and because of when the responder opens the “Door”. The poem does not change its language or its context but asks the responder to open their mind to other possibilities and look at it of a different perspective. Perhaps the responder will open new “Doors” to new possibilities.

Text 5 “Sky-High” by Hannah Robert.

Within this text there are two main changes. One time relating to age and the other her perspective, mainly towards the clothes line.

“The ultimate quest of the washing line.”

“The best climbing tree in the backyard.”

“It’s an older, more age-warped washing line, I reach up to now. My hands easily touch the sagging wires.”

“Where I was once the curious onlooker, I now write my own semaphore secrets in colourful t-shirts and mismatched socks.”

She now hangs her own washing out and has many more pressing problems to solve that how to climb the clothesline.

Text 6 “The Wog Boy” by Aleksi Vellis.

The Wog Boy has some excellent instances that expresses change.

The first instances is right at the beginning of the movie when Steve’s (the Wog boy) parents moved to Australia from Italy. This is represented by them arriving on a large ship similar to the one in the poem “Crossing The Red Sea”. Also, black and white film is used to help the responder know it was a long time ago. The film then changes to colour to let the responder know that it is now the present. Another significant change occurs then Steve is denounced

by Dirren Hynch as Australia’s biggest dole bludger. Steve shrewdly manipulates the situation to his advantage on national TV in a clever scene of role reversal. In no time, children are rapping to Wog Boy tracks and packing snacks in Wog Boy lunch boxes. Steve is famous!

There is one point in the movie which no doubt illustrates change and that is when Steve and his best friend Frank have a fight.

Frank “You’ve changed !”

Steve “Don’t say that.”

Frank “I saw you. You were loving it.”

Steve “No, you’re the one with the problem Frank. You haven’t changed.”

Frank “See you admit it. You have changed.”

What could be a better example of change than that.

Another example of change is when Frank falls in love for the first time showing he cares about someone besides himself.

Of course the final big change is the public’s perspective towards Raelene (The Minister for Employment) when a tape is played showing Raelene and her chauffer taking part in sexual bondage.

Text 7 The Matrix by the Wachowski brothers.

The Matrix expresses change very differently to other texts. It is not obvious at times that there is change. However when we do realise that change has occurred it is very intense, dramatic and frightening.

In the beginning Neo (Mr Anderson) has two lives. By day he is a computer programmer for a respectable software company and the other life is lived by night where he goes by the name Neo and is guilty of almost every computer crime known.

The next real change is not until Neo is awoken from reality (the Matrix) into the real world. The context then changes and time changes.

Morphos “More important then what, is when”.

Neo “When?”

Morphos “You think it’s the year is 1 but in fact it’s closer to 1.”

Morphos tries to change Neo’s perspective of reality and life.

Neo “I know what your trying to do.”

Morphos “I’m only trying to free your mind”.

The texts also relates to other texts such as the “Door”

“I can only show you the door. You have to talk through it”.

But the biggest change is that of Neo when he changes into the “One” the prophecy.

Morphos “He’s beginning to believe.”

Trinity “How did you do that. You move like they do. I’ve never seen anyone move that fast.”

Tank “I knew it. He’s the one.”

All of these texts do a good job of outlining change and only confirm the way in which change affects every part of everyday life no matter how big or small, how obvious or subtle.

Some change is positive and some is negative but change is the reality of life. Change is an never ending process and we should be striving to make changes as positive as possible. Authors will continue to write about change because change is what life is all about.

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