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Viola of Twelfth Night

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Viola is the main character from the Shakespearean play Twelfth Night. Viola has many characteristics that add complexity to her character. In the following, three of her many characteristics are mentioned and described, her physical characteristics, her emotional characteristics, and finally her moral.

At the beginning of the play, we meet Viola. She is shipwrecked off of the coast of Illyria. She talks to the captain of the ship. When she asks he tells her that Illyria is run by a noble Duke By the name of Orsino. Viola decides to disguise herself as a man so she can work for the Duke.

“Conceal me what I am and be my aid

For such disguise as haply shall become.

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The form of my intent I’ll serve this Duke”.

[Act 1 sc. (II) l. 5-55]

In the quote, Viola is asking the Captain to help disguise her feminine appearance and help her to act like a man. If she can accomplish this she will be able to serve the Duke. This is a very interesting point in the play because it is when she gets into the disguise and it starts all of the confusion that goes on between the characters during the play. Her physical characteristics defiantly make Viola a complex person, because with her disguise she looks like a man, but is actually a woman.

In the play Viola expresses a lot of emotions. One of the emotions she goes through is fear. When this happens Viola (disguised as Cesario) has just been to visit Olivia to try to convince her to love Orsino. She gets a ring from Malvolio who says that Olivia claims that it is hers. Viola realizes that Olivia has fallen in love with her. This is not good because Viola is supposed to get Olivia to fall in love with Orsino.

“O time; thou must untangle this, not I

It is to hard a knot for me t’untie”.

[Act sc.(II) l. -40]

In the quote the knot she refers to is the situation that has started because of her disguise, Orsino loves Olivia, Viola loves Orsino (but can not express that love because of her manly appearance), and now Olivia loves Viola (but Olivia thinks Viola is Cesario). Viola shows the emotion of fear in the quote because she is afraid of the outcome of what she started might be, and she thinks that she can not change it and only time will tell. Emotions add complexity to any character in any story, fear makes Viola complex because now she is scared and fear can cause people to mess up or give something away (in this case Viola may give away her true identity).

During the play Viola goes through a major moral conflict in which she must choose to either help Orsino to get the woman he loves even though she loves him, or she could choose to take a chance and show Orsino that she is a woman and hope that he will fall in love with her.

“To woo your lady. [Aside] Yet, a barful strife!

Whoe’er I woo myself would be his wife”.

[Act 1 sc. (IV) l. 4-4]

In the quote Viola is confessing her love for Orsino. She does not know what the right thing to do is. Any one can see the conflict here, and nobody would ever want to go through this. This adds a complexity to Viola’s character because she now has a choice, she could choose the wrong thing and end up in a lot of trouble.

Viola’s Physical, Emotional and Moral characteristics defiantly make Viola a complex person. Her appearance confuses people into thinking she is a man, her emotion of fear could make her give away her disguise, and the moral decision she has to make could get her into a lot of trouble if she does not choose the right thing. Shakespeare was a very creative man, in his plays he made his characters very complex, in the case of Twelfth Night, the most complex of his character line-up is defiantly Viola.

Twelfth Night by William Shakespear

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