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World War I wasn’t started because of one problem but of several problems. The countries had problems with each other before the war exploded. I found that those problems could’ve been avoided for there wouldn’t be a war.

There were four causes for World War I. One of the causes was the indirect cause that was that imperialism made countries competitive for land and resources, which caused tension between them. Nationalism made people believe that their country the best and it had the countries guide by self-interest. Militarism had the countries develop large militaries and better weapons. It also made countries have large armies to defend the new land and they had plans made during peacetime. There was also an alliance system, which made the countries hate each other even more. The triple alliance had Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire and Bulgaria. Triple ententes were France Britain and Russia. A chain reaction was created when the war broke out.

The direct cause of WWI was that Austrians used violence to try to control the Serbs. An assassination occurred when a Serbian nationalist murdered someone. Austria then sent Serbia an ultimatum offer that was rejected. Austria declared war on Serbia.

World War I could’ve been stopped by countries not thinking that their the best. They should’ve had a law that limited countries on what kinds of weapons they can use and how many people are aloud in an army. The countries shouldn’t try to take over other countries like how Austrians tried to invade the Serbians. Imperialism caused many problems for countries because all they cared for was land and resources. As you can see WWI could’ve been avoided but it turned into a major crisis.

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