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The purpose of the information system KONTORA000 is to provide organizations with information, which is necessary to perform routine processes, planning, organizing, control and evaluation of work as well as improvement of personnel performance.

The main goal during KONTORA000 development stage was to create and implement a system, which can provide help in collecting, gathering, structuring and organizing data about the ingoing and outgoing correspondence, processed by organization. It can also be useful for other activities

· Distribute received correspondence and organize personnel work and control more effectively;

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· Distribute tasks and control their fulfilment more efficiently;

· Always have comprehensive information about actual state of processes, terms, prospects, resources, etc.;

· Deliver general information about document flows and work of personnel, comparison of departments’ activities and dynamics;

· Determine specific work issues, arising problems and prepare appropriate means for their solving and work improvement;

· Provide a possibility for employees to manage documents from the beginning of their preparation (document project in the preparation stage or incoming documents);

· Use the means of information systems to create connections between tasks, documents or other objects, so that full view of organizations activity can be created;

· Classify characteristics of documents and tasks;

· Encourage employees to use computer equipment more effectively.


The set of system functions is variable and depends on the user’s permissions (the chief of organization or department, clerk, administrator of tasks and assignments, system administrator).

The complete set of KONTORA000 functions enabled by default to the system administrator only.

System administrator may choose from a list of required functions and assign them to other system users, depending on the specific features of organizations work, users’ permissions, their qualification, etc.


Information system KONTORA000 stores and manages data on organization’s activities, related with business and public correspondence, tasks and assignments fulfilment, legal acts project planning and coordination.

All documents (records) created by employees or received from other organizations are stored in one database.

KONTORA000 data is stored in separate inter-related tables. Tables, depending from their purpose and character of data, are divided into the following groups

· Documents;

· Tasks, assignments;

· Visitors;

· Persons, employees, users, divisions;

· Classifiers.

Kontora000 application part called journal logs errors and illegal actions performed by system users. In this way, the supervision of the system is ensured.

This journal stores and processes data, such as

· Name of data modification operation;

· Name of the user, who modifies data;

· Number of modified record in a table;

· Additional information about modification of data;

· Exact date and time of the operation (within a precision of 1 second).


The main principles of information supply by Kontora000 are as follows

· Information should be relevant to the functions performed by the employee (fulfilment of assigned tasks, reporting about completed tasks, search for information, statistical review and evaluation of subordinate divisions’ work, determination of prevailing information flows).

· Information to the user is provided depending from his authorization level, functions and position in the organization.

· Information to the user is provided in a convenient form (reports can be printed with a push of a button; list of documents, visitors or tasks can be customized to include all the necessary information).


Users who have an authorization to work with Kontora000 are provided with the following information

· Full description provided in a special form of card, describing each document, letter or task, which is adequately related to other documents, tasks, resolutions, descriptions of jobs and events;

· List of documents, letters and tasks, which is based on certain selection parameters with a possibility to see full description of each record;

· Printed reports about documents, letters or tasks using certain selection of parameters;

· Administrative reports are special forms containing information on the structure of the organization, managing of documents by employees, also their authorization level and functions;

· Text or view of a document stored in the computer.

All data and functions contained in Kontora000 is available to users by using Microsoft Internet Explorer.


The main methods of information supply to the users are as follows

· Thematic - according to the topic of documents, letters and tasks;

· Calendar - according to the document registration date or task deadlines;

· Functional - according to the user’s functions defined in the system Kontora000 (centralized registration, registration of tasks, their status of completion, review of urgent problems);

· Administrative - according to the authorization level of the system users (chief of organization, the person responsible for assignment).

The main parameters for data search in the system are dates of events, senders and receivers of correspondence, keywords for text description, etc.

System user permissions must be provided according to the procedure established in design and implementation stages, taking into account individual character of the institution and its infrastructure.


One of the main criteria for selecting Kontora000 technological and organizational solutions is reduction of price for technical resources and software, necessary for normal work of the system. After obtaining Kontora000, there is no need to buy expensive software user licenses.

The main feature distinguishing Kontora000, if compared it with other systems designed and used in Lithuania, is that system users in their working places can use Microsoft Internet Explorer and the data processing takes place in the server. Data stored in Kontora000 can be accessed equally well in one computer or in computer network of the whole organization, or by those registered remote users with the help of Internet.


· Simple system management and administration. All resources, data and program updates are managed in a central server. The administrator has to administer the server, but not working places;

· Since the user cannot administer his/her working place (it is done in the server), she/he cannot cause additional problems. While using Kontora000, the user can perform only actions explicitly allowed to him by the administrator;

· Better stability of the system. To some extent the system is independent from failures caused by separate computers, network or working places. The user can access Kontora000 from each working place;

· Wide circle of users. Kontora000 can be accessed from both local area network (LAN) and wide area network (WAN), the latter based on Internet. With regulation of users’ permissions and functions, working with Kontora000 is possible from any place in the world (where you can find Internet connection);

· All working sessions and dialogs of Kontora000 are in Lithuanian. The language of dialogs does not change regardless of working place from which the system is accessed.

The structure of Kontora000 database is very extensive and universal. This allows to migrate other systems’ data to Kontora000 and to process it with the help of Kontora000.


For successful use of Kontora000 there is no need to organize special courses for the users, because the system is based on usual requirements of office-work and work organization methods.

For the ordinary user of the system it is enough to have elementary knowledge of computer use (for example, performing Internet search). The whole work of the system is in Lithuanian. Style and form of dialogs is oriented towards usual activities of the organization and its office-workers.

Kontora000 administrator additionally has to possess knowledge about principles of classificatory used in the organization, their update possibilities, registration of system users and providing them with certain authorization level to use system resources.

Administrator of computer network (usually he supervises other informational systems of the organization) has to be familiar with Internet Information Server support functions in order to be able to check the system in case of equipment failure (loss of electricity, computer network equipment went out of order, etc.) and provide qualified description of failure to the author of the system.

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