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after math of a good party

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The Aftermath of a Good Party

My parents had three children and she and my father decided to get away for a few days. It was decided that Linda and I were old enough to watch over my baby sister Cathy and take care of things around the house. They had planned a romatic weekend trip to Florida, their first trip alone since the children happen. Linda and I felt like grown ups because they trusted us to take charge things. My parents were to catch a four forty five flight that evening so Linda and I anxiously the clock because we wanted to make sure our parents did not miss their flight. We has everything worked out, we would put Cathy to bed as soon as they left, than brake out all the goodies. We had been planning for a party for weeks after we heard they were going out of town.

We helped our parents load up the car then we kissed them good by and off they went to the airport. Linda picked Cathy up and we ran back into the house. Let’s make sure everything’s in its place. I stood in the middle of the living room and looked around, the house was nice and clean. I Cathy form Lind and took her up to her room. I knew Cathy always fall fast asleep after a good story. So I read the three bears to her and went to sleep before I got to the middle of the book. I kissed her good night and slowly tipped out of her room while gently closing the door behind me. I then walked to my parent’s bed room door and locked it. Linda was in the kitchen popping pop corn, heating up pizzas and making punch. Now all we had to do was waiting for our quest to arrive. I ran down stairs and yelled to Linda what time is it? She said you have one hour, so what ever it is you’re going to do, do it now. I took the vacuum cleaned out of the closet and re-vacuum the carpet. I was very careful in making sure my vacuum line in the carpet was straight. Lind had waxed all the wood furniture and it sparkled like stair lights, expectedly when the street lights reflecting through the living room window hit the tables. All the furniture was aligned perfectly with the balance of the room. My mother had a beautiful display of crystal figurine inside a tall oak cabinet that she collected during the years she and my father were dating. Lind brought up a plastic crate that was full of tapes from the basement. She had hid them there days ago from my parents. She put them on a glass table near the entertainment center. We looked the house over one last time. Every thing was nice and clean and our baby sister was fast a sleep. Then the doorbell rang and our friends start pouring in.

We all had a really good time at the party, and Linda and I were feeling mighty proud, that we pulled it off. The next morning I got out of bed and checked on Cathy, who was still fast a sleep. As I was walking from Cathy’s room, I heard some gagging sounds coming form the bathroom down the hall. It was Linda; her head was down in the toilet, and she throwing up. I asked if she was Okay, she said she was fine and that it must have been something she drank. She then took a deep breath, stood up and went to the sink and washed her face. She walked from the bathroom and headed down stairs, so I followed behind her. We had no ideal of the aftermath that was waiting for us. The closer we got to the bottom of the stairs; we could smell the aroma of stale cigarette smoke. Linda began to cough and my eyes were tearing up from some smoke that was hovering in the air. Linda and I stood in the middle of the living room with our mouths wide open. For three minutes neither one of us said a word. I think we both wanted to die! There were foot prints all over the walls, and next to the front door, there was a trash can, only the trash was on the floor. The carpet had a long trail of wet dirty, that lean from the living room to the kitchen . It looked as if everyone had mud on their shoes and decided to dance on carpet. My mother’s coffee-table was covered with cigarettes butts, spilled beer and punch. It appears that someone tried to write there name in it. The couch had been moved to another side of the room. And the recliner for some reason ended up in the kitchen. My mothers crystal collection cabinet was still standing, but there were hand prints of tomato sauce all over. The entertainment center doors were all open and our tapes were thrown all over the floor. Some of the tapes were not in their cases; I believe some of our guest walked off with them. The kitchen was so bad it should have been labeled off limit to the public. There was pizza and pop corn every where. Half eaten pizza crust was thrown all over the kitchen counter, paper plates were in the sink. And the kitchen floor was red and sticky. For some reason there were three lawn chairs at the kitchens table and the kitchen chairs were skater threw out the house.

Linda and I began to blame each other for letting the party get out of control. All I could say was it didn’t look like this last night. We knew we were both to blame. We rolled up ours sleeves and started cleaning the houses. We clean that house for the next two days. Most of the time was spent scrubbing the stains out of the carpet and washing the prints off the walls. I know that Linda was praying the same pray I was, to not let out parents find out.

Six hours before my parents were to arrive home, Linda and I looked the house over one more time. We took a deep breathe and looked at each other and we both said together “Alright”! The house looked like it did before my parents left, and that carpet was even cleaner. Finally, my parents had arrived home. They gave us all a big hug and compliment us on how nice the house looked. We felt so released that they could not detect we had a party. Linda and I promised each other that we would never plan a party with out our parent’s knowledge, and we never did. Yet to this day, my parents in no way found out about the party.

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