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In the epic poem Beowulf it can be seen as a social commentary dealing with man’s struggle to carve civilization out of a hostile, alien environment. In my own eyes Hrothgar and his crew might not have been as civilized if Grendel wasn’t around, there would be no one to bring them together.

Beowulf is a great hero, separated by his acts of strength and courage. He was willing to risk his life for the life of the his community. At the beginning of when Beowulf first came in the Heorot Hall he wasn’t accepted. People didn’t think that they needed this outsider to come and resolve their problems. Until Hrothgar showed his people that he accepted and trusted Beowulf. To show his people he gave the hero a variety of gifts and treasures. So know that Hrothgar approved everyone started to like Beowulf and became grateful for the duties he was willing to do.

People were fearing Beowulf because they had no knowledge of this hero. Not knowing anything at all bout him increased the challenge of keeping the community civilized as time went on. Everyone was seeing Beowulf as an intruder. One person that wasn’t helping with accepting Beowulf was Unferth. He was trying to bring down Beowulf to his own level. But in the end Beowulf showed Unferth who was the better


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Grendel was a monster that created problems and he was also was an entertainer for the community. He was characterized by being uncivilized and known as the outcast. The mead hall would not even be in existence if Grendel was not around. . This was a place for people to come together and to battle Grendel. This was Grendel’s attack place, but every time that he attacked it seemed like the people would just come together.

There is something strange about the monster. He would only come to the Heorot Hall to attack if the victim was either sleeping or drunk. He would only attack if the other was unaware and not expecting anything. He waited and watched every move and when they were unable to fight he would attack. While waiting for Grendel the people would drink, tell stories all night just awaiting the arrival of the monster. These people were unaware that Grendel was there watching and waiting until those people are that their weakest point. He waited until the person could not fight back, that is why he only attacked those who were unaware because he was afraid of getting beat. By doing this he made the community be more afraid of this monster attacking them.

Due to all the commotion in the community they kept themselves secluded from what was going on around them. It made the people live with some kind of fear, that’s exactly how Grendel wanted it to be. It kept the people from doing their usual activities.

Because of the fear they were unable to live their life to the point that they wanted. Everything changed when Grendel entered the poem. No one was the same person.

Yes, people have fears but Grendel was the main fear of the community. These people were not doing much to try and over come this fear, that is why I don’t understand why all these people were upset when Beowulf came around to try and help. He was willing to do what needed to be done and no one else was.

In conclusion, Beowulf was the one the kept the community strong and civilized. He shows how a man is struggling and how he carved civilization out of a hostile, alien environment. Everyone had to come and work as one to defeat the thing that caused everyone to be scared. The community as a whole could defeat Grendel not just Beowulf.

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