Thursday, August 16, 2012

A raison in the sun

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Coup number one is the scene when Ruth finds out that she is pregnant and wishes to tell Walter. Ruth wants to tell Walter about the new baby and their plans weather or not to keep the baby but he has his own little problems and is too mind bothered to listen. So Mamma sits him down and makes him listen. In this scene, it shows how Walter really doesn’t know his wife as well as he thought he did and as well as the communication gap between Walter and Ruth. The fact that he thought that Ruth would never think of getting an abortion shows the lack of communication between them. To his surprise, Ruth would throw away all her morals for the well-being of her family. This scene really touched me because I’m against abortion yet I understood why Ruth was considering having the unborn child killed. The questions of supporting this child surely crossed her mind. If they can barely support them selves but most importantly their son Travis, why have another child?

Coup number two is the scene where Walter comes home drunk and tries to tell Momma about his plans on the liquor store and then Momma harshly turns him down and rejects his ideas. As you read this scene, you have an understanding of both Momma and of Walter. Momma doesn’t wish to give Walter any of the money because she feels that his ideas are unrealistic and not worth the money. Although she has no reason to entrust such a large amount of money to Walter, you feel a pity for Walter. I felt bad for Walter because he was being treated like “the boy who cried wolf”. His attempts to tell Momma about his ideas have not only failed but were not even listened to. In his mind, he had the most brilliant idea in the world yet he had nobody with whom he may share his ideas with. Momma rejected his ideas without even listening or any consideration what so ever. If that were any other human being, the reactions would be quite similar to Walter’s. The fact that a thirty-five years old man who wishes to be head of the family and has dreams, cannot communicate with his family and is being ignored like a child.

Coup number three is the scene where Mr. Linder shows up at their house to inform them that their community does not encourage the moving of black people into their white community. Ruth, Beneatha and Walter were shocked and outraged. Who was this man, to come into their house and try to persuade them in to not moving into their community because they are black? Because racism has diminished in our time, the impacts of Mr. Linder’s words are more intense. This is perhaps one of the reasons why I felt anger out of Mr. Linder’s arrival. What got me even more angry while reading this scene was the effort that the community when through in order to have the Youger family removed from their so called peaceful community instead of settling their racial differences. Although Mr. Linder’s intentions were negative, you have to understand how he must have felt. I sort of pitied Mr. Linder because I know for a fact that if I were in his position I would be experiencing the same emotions. The nervousness and fear as he tried to politely state the community’s predicament.

Coup number four is the scene where Willy ran away with all of Momma’s money. While reading this scene I felt anger and I also felt bad for Walter. For the first time in his life, Momma entrusted him with a large amount of money and also entrusted with the responsibility to lead their family. Walter felt proud and held his head up high. Those moments quickly ended when he gambled all that money on a single thought. Although I felt bad that Walter had all that money stolen, I was angrier because of his stupidity. He did not only lose his half of the money, but Beneatha’s tuition money as well. Although Momma told him to put away three thousand dollars out of the sixty five hundred for beneatha’s tuition, him being a risk taker, ignored Momma’s words and went on with his plans. What really got me sad while reading this scene is the trust that Momma had in her son. She really trusted him and Walter proved her wrong. I personally believe that one of the worst things to lose is a person’s trust. I could only imagine the anger and disappointment Momma felt towards Walter when she found out about him losing all that money.

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