Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Alexandira Nechita

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Alexandra Nechita

by Mike Piazza

Period 1 Art 1

Alexandra is a child prodigy which means shes very skilled at what she does. She is a artist and is one of the best and youngest which is whats so crazy about it. Shes younger then I am and shes making millions of dollars for her paintings she makes so shes basically set for her entire life and shes still in High School. Alexandra is 17 now and is already a millionaire and it all started from crayons like all little kids do when they are younger.

Alexandra and her parents came from Romania when she was very very young.They moved from Romania in 185 with his wife Viorica and made it to California in 187 . She started using pen and ink when she was only two years old thats very advanced for a two year old,most two year olds cant even draw in the lines. When she turned five years old she started using the water colors..which I have a big problem with they are very complicated. She just knows what colors would go with what and how do to it right because water colors are very hard to master,well thats what I think. She went throught stages as she got older and her artwork progressed.

She has a form of painting like Picaso did with abstract art and just with paintings. She used ceramics and clay also to get the abstract form like Picaso, she likes his work very much so you can see why she does that kind of form. One of her paintings called release the peace was sold for $700. Two weeks after it was purchased a couple wanted to pay $5,000 for the painting but it was turned down by the owner. A lot of the paintings have sold for $5,000 to $65,000. She also broke he million dollar level as a artist which usually takes years to do.

Alexandra is still a normal teenager who goes to High School and hangs out with her friends. She does only go to high school three days a week so there is one difference and she chose painting over sports in high school. She only goes to school for days a week because she needs time to do her artwork because basically its her career already. Basically she has a very nice life set up for her and hoe she does well.

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