Monday, October 22, 2012

Compulsory Work Experience for Students

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In the past, I have being doing work experience for a couple of time while I’m studding at school. My first impression of the program was “Negligible”, not only I but also other students think that who would want to employ a student who under age with no experience. Time past by and I was already in year 11 doing a “VET-Business Administration” this is where I have to go out into the real world. It was intimidating but I have developed many skills, quality, understand what the work force it like and also help me building up my degree as while as my knowledge.

For beginner, they might felt “disappointed” because they did not what they job that they wanted. For others is another way to gain academic credit, but it is all a matter of committing yourself to something that will provide you a lot of positive feedback. During your time working at a practice firm you can pick up ideas that will be useful to you in the future. Now a day many practice firm/company would want to recruit people who are flexible with things, learn quickly and cope with changes, this all can be put in one word “Experience”.

Second, the program is not only can you learn how to scrutiny a problem but what’s the most important is you can learn how to solve the problem on your own and you will feel more comfortable when meeting this problem in the real life. Some people are always be surrounded by friends and family, and this program teach you to be in depended and teach you how to deal with problem that you have never come across. Once you are capable handing the job it, you will feel better and confidence in yourself.

The third reason why I think that Work Experience should be compulsory for students because the program undertake as part of a course which combine in skills and knowledge you need for your qualification. Doing work experience actually can help you build up your degree so you will have many opportunities like; it helps you to network connection and build up contacts, it can give you a head start with employers

Work Experience is very important for young teenager, especially students. There are many positive reasons for students to do the program, which I have already mentioned above. Sometime it can be disappointing, but having experience can be in handy later in your life and also it will be able to add to your resume and application for employment. This is one of the best ways to choose a career is to see what it is like. The main purpose of this program is allowing you to spend time sampling a career while making useful professional contacts.

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