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Learning Team Behaviour

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In order to understand the basic functioning of a system, you must first come to understand what each individual part contributes to the whole. Getting to what makes Learning Team A (LTA) is no different. The question then becomes, “How best to gain insight into the individuals on the team?”

This week the creation of the final paper fell to me, we also concluded that we needed to approach this paper differently from our previous assignments. Each person in the team would complete the assignment on their own and then I would meld all four of the papers into one. This presented me with an opportunity that I could not resist.

We have learned that perception has a significant influence on the way people will interact with each other. It follows then that we should be able to learn about the way LTA functions by examining the perceptions of how the team works, as written by each of the team members. This paper will present the readers with a view of LTA from the inside.

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Eric has a fine eye for detail, is very personable and has an aura of dependability about him. I get the feeling that he is very much in tune with his value system. Here is his view of how the team operates.

In the game of basketball you have different positions that each player fills based on his abilities and strengths. You have a “point guard”, who is the person who sees how things should play out. The “center” is always underneath the basket to slam it in. The “power forward” has great ability to push it in but doesn’t have the height or muscle that a center does. The small forward is a flexible player with the ability to shift from a guard position playing on the perimeter to a player not afraid of taking it inside for a score.

Paul who is our point guard, he tends to be the more assertive one with the ability to take charge and make things happen. His experience in both business and years living make him a strong leader, and he frequently holds this role on the team. He does not demand his way and is not overbearing in his attempt to keep things going smoothly. He manages his time well and focuses on doing exactly what is required. He is not afraid to ask for suggestions from his teammates. The lack of timeliness of two members does frustrate him in particular, but he holds it all in check as he knows that everyone on this team is determined to do the best.

Next is Jerry who along with Paul possesses a drive to do the best that he can. Jerry plays the role of “center” very well. He has a great sense of humor, which comes out, in his writing and during our conversations as a team. He is able to stay close to the assignment and deliver the ball right into the basket as it is passed to him underneath. Jerry is not the type of individual to be all fun and games, however, he will wait until the other members have completed the other sections to begin or share his section with the rest of the team. Jerry brings a balance to the take-charge demeanor of Paul.

Joy brings a certain charismatic style that bounces off Paul and Jerry well. As a “power forward,” she is able to think solidly about the subject. She can joke with the best of them while still maintaining focus on the assignment. She has fulfilled all of her obligations in a timely manner. The other team members need not worry that her section will be there.


Paul is a great example of the “positive potential” in having age diversity on a team. His maturity has the effect of keeping the team focused on time issues. He uses a basic and direct approach to interacting with his fellow teammates, while exhibiting a polished, personable demeanor that makes him very easy to work with. Here is his take on how LTA works its’ magic.

We have no real defined roles. The major contract that we all agreed to was to respect each other’s opinion and to try to do nothing that would affect the team. We also agreed that if anyone had a problem, they could bring it up without fear of ridicule. Aside from that, nothing was formalized.

Of the four members, Joy seems to be the person with the best time management skills. Her papers and paper sections are always on time, with Eric and Jerry exhibiting slightly less time management abilities.

However, time management is not everything. If you look at the raw papers that are initially submitted, Joy’s needs the most work from a grammar standpoint, but her thoughts, and her feminine view bring a lot of good input into the group Jerry, although he has never seen a calendar that he likes, is an excellent writer. Eric is the best detail person in the group. His input is well rounded and precise, and he is the final person to edit the paper.

Each member has different priorities, which affect their performance in LTA. Eric has some family issues that are, to him, a much higher priority than school, and the rest of the group agree with him. To Joy, getting her degree seems to be the highest priority in their life. Jerry, on the other hand seems to prioritize his time correctly.

This team meets all of the requirements to become a high-performing team, but it is not performing at this level now. Assignments, although turned in on time to the school, are not turned in on time to the group. What will turn this team into a high-performance group? The answer is communication


Joys’ contribution to the team is another example of the advantages of diversity. She brings her unique female perspective to the table. She is also very adept at communicating with males, I point to her analytical approach when presenting her thoughts and ideas as proof. Here are her perceptions on the teams’ performance and processes.

LT A is a dynamic and diverse team. It is comprised of three males, one female and has a span of thirty years difference between the oldest and youngest. We are all highly motivated in our education pursuit at UOP. Dedication to educate ourselves shows with our work we have done so far. Our professional experiences are as different as we are.

Making time to get together as a whole team is challenging whether it be a teleconference or in a chat room. Time is a valuable resource that we as full time students, employees and people cherish. This LT has been able to get on the same page, even with such limited time together.

Communication in a virtual environment is vital to its success. The different ways our LT communicates on a typical week includes e-mail, IM, and teleconferences; utilizing the internet is important since the majority of communication can be asynchronous. This communication method allows individuals to think about their responsibilities within the team.

LT A does not have a conflict resolution plan since we all work together as a whole without much conflict. When teleconferencing we all respect talk time for all members to make comments or address concerns we may have. The last teleconference we had we were able to discuss many future assignments and outline the timing for each one. Each team member, allowing the team to establish a plan that met with everyone’s needs, gave input to the timing plan.


Despite the differences in perspective, LTA performs at a very acceptable level. This is due largely to the willingness of the members to make allowances for personal traits, both positive and negative. The team has done a good job of focusing in on individual strengths and playing to those strengths.

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