Thursday, December 6, 2012

urban myth

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Our story begins with a tall and very shapely woman if you get my drift. Anyway this tall shapely woman was trying her best to book a business meeting. She was sitting there watching the flickering of the computer screen while she haggard over the phone. She groaned as she saw the screen flicker and die the same happened with the lights and the remote cottage was plunged into darkness.

“What a time for a power cut” she muttered

“Now I will have to drive to London suppose you don’t appreciate something until you have lost it” she added after some thought

She took some time to gather up her equipment and briefcase.

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Due to the fact that she was in a very remote area she had to drive through several deserted roads but tonight the moon was out and the roads were clear.

Her business meeting was uneventful, however the trip home would not be.

After the meeting she started off home in her new car. For some unknown reason she had problems getting home, she just could not find any roads she knew and the moon which she could have sworn was full when she set out was now know where to be seen.

No matter how hard she tried she could not find any roads she knew. She usually took low keyed roads unlike the bumpy and poorly maintained roads like these. The hedges at the sides had the same gnarled dead tree that looked like a dead withering old man every 10 metres.

As she went over a deep pot hole her knee hit the radio and turned it on.

A serious voice floated around the car it said

“a maniac is on the lose and is armed with two small sharp axes, he is tall and dark with a beard he is wearing black trousers and a black jumper”

she jabbed at the radio in her egerness to turn it off, this really disturbed her.

So she decided to take a rest in a approaching garage.

As soon as she got there a strange deformed park attendant lumbered towards her car.

As she go out the attendant muttered that he would refuel the car while she had a bite to eat.

The words were a suggestion but she felt she could not disobey them.

While in the caf� she could not take her eyes off the attendant, in half an hour he came back in and said that all was ready

Just as she was walking towards her car she heard the deformed man shout at her, then he was running after her at that point she ran to the car paused to unlock it but found it strangely unlocked

Without thinking she dived in and reved up the engine .

Just as she got out of the garage forecourt she heard him shout “there’s someone in your car”

She looked in the rear view mirror and saw two gleaming eyes, the last thing she saw was two gleaming axes closing in on their target

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